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यावद् adverb yAvad while
किन्ञ्चित्काल n. kinJcitkAla while
शीघ्रं प्रत्यागच्छामि sent. zIghraM pratyAgacchAmi I'll be back in a short while.
पाकः तदानीं एव सिद्धः sent. pAkaH tadAnIM eva siddhaH Food is ready a while ago itself.
जाग्रत् सुषुप्ति phrase jAgrat suSupti mentally aware while bodily asleep
पठनवेलायाम् आवधानम् आवश्यकम् sent. paThanavelAyAm AvadhAnam Avazyakam While studying attention is essential.
किञ्चित् कालं द्विचक्रिकां ददाति वा? sent. kiJcit kAlaM dvicakrikAM dadAti vA? Would you mind lending me your bicycle for a while?
आरोग्यार्थं प्रतिदिनं प्रातः किञ्चित् कालम् आतपे तिष्टतु sent. ArogyArthaM pratidinaM prAtaH kiJcit kAlam Atape tiSTatu For good health, stand in the sun every morning for a while.
यर्हि ind. yarhi while
मुहुर् ind. muhur while
यावत् indecl. yAvat while
क्षण n. kSaNa a while
यापयति verb caus. yApayati { yA } while away [time, one\'s life]
यावत्कालम् ind. yAvatkAlam for a while
प्रदेश m. pradeza short while
ओषम् indecl. oSam while burning
प्राञ्च् adj. prAJc short while ago
पुनरभ्यावर्तम् ind. punarabhyAvartam while repeating
जीवन्मृत adj. jIvanmRta dead while alive
अचिरात् indecl. acirAt in a short while
स्तोकात् indecl. stokAt a little while ago
क्षिपते verb kSipate { kSip } pass or while away
क्षिपति verb kSipati { kSip } pass or while away
क्षेपयति verb caus. kSepayati { kSip } pass or while away
समालम्भम् ind. samAlambham while taking hold of
दुराक्रोशम् ind. durAkrozam while badly scolding
क्षणान्तरे ind. kSaNAntare after a little while
ऋतेकर्मम् ind. Rtekarmam while pours down rain
अनुरक्षति verb anurakSati { anurakS } guard while following
व्यायतपातम् ind. vyAyatapAtam while flying from afar
जिवद्विभाग m. jivadvibhAga partition while living
आच्यादोह n. AcyAdoha milking while kneeling
चिरयति verb cirayati { ciraya } be absent a long while
कुमारचपल adj. kumAracapala giddy while still a boy
आतपत् adj. Atapat while the sun is shining
स्नापित adj. snApita attended on while bathed
कुमारदासी f. kumAradAsI slave while still a girl
ज्योक् ind. jyok for a long time or while
समाख्याख्यायम् ind. samAkhyAkhyAyam while mentioning by name
कुमारकुशल adj. kumArakuzala skilful while still a boy
नामगृह्य ind. nAmagRhya while mentioning the name
कुमारपण्डित m. kumArapaNDita scholar while still a boy
कुमारतापसी f. kumAratApasI ascetic while still a girl
प्रतीक्ष्य ind. pratIkSya while expecting or waiting
प्रयाणपटह m. prayANapaTaha drum beaten while marching
अनुविवाति verb anuvivAti { anuvivA } blow while passing through
कुमारगर्भिणी f. kumAragarbhiNI pregnant while still a girl
कुमारकुलटा f. kumArakulaTA unchaste while still a girl
कुमाराध्यापक m. kumArAdhyApaka teacher while still a youth
अभिम्रियते verb abhimriyate { abhimR } touch or defile while dying
कुमाराभिरूपक adj. kumArAbhirUpaka instructed while still a boy
कुमारप्रव्रजिता f. kumArapravrajitA religious while still a girl
अनुपरिक्रामम् ind. anuparikrAmam while walking round in order
अनुपरिचारम् indecl. anuparicAram while walking round in order
क्रीडारुद्रायते verb krIDArudrAyate { krIDArudrAya } resemble rudra while playing
जीवन्मुक्त adj. jIvanmukta emancipated while still alive
प्रोद्ग्रीवम् ind. prodgrIvam while stretching out the neck
मधुप्रपात m. madhuprapAta precipice while seeking honey
जीवन्मुक्ति f. jIvanmukti emancipation while still alive
कुमारिदारा f. kumAridArA being a wife while still a girl
संह्रियमाणबुसम् ind. saMhriyamANabusam while the chaff is being got in
पुरःशुक्रम् ind. puraHzukram while zukra is before one's eyes
भुजोपपीडम् ind. bhujopapIDam by or while clasping in the arms
संह्रियमाणयवम् ind. saMhriyamANayavam while the barley is being got in
सुराभाग m. surAbhAga scum generated while wine making
भक्षमन्त्र m. bhakSamantra verse spoken while drinking soma
स्नापन n. snApana attending a person while bathing
सम्प्रतीक्ष्य ind. sampratIkSya while waiting for i.e. a long time
प्राणभक्षम् ind. prANabhakSam while feeding only on breath or air
उत्पादशयान m. utpAdazayAna sleeping while standing on the legs
भक्षजप m. bhakSajapa prayer muttered while drinking soma
करपत्त्र n. karapattra splashing water about while bathing
करपात्र n. karapAtra splashing water about while bathing
मधुपू adj. madhupU purifying itself while becoming sweet
ग्रस्तोदय m. grastodaya rising of the sun or moon while eclipsed
ग्रस्तास्त m. grastAsta setting of the sun or moon while eclipsed
समाख्याभक्ष m. samAkhyAbhakSa drinking the soma while mentioning by name
अग्निकारिका f. agnikArikA prayers said while feeding sacrificial fire
विप्रुष् f. vipruS drops falling from the mouth while speaking [pl.]
विप्लुष् m. vipluS drops falling from the mouth while speaking
भक्षच्छन्दस् n. bhakSacchandas metre used while eating the sacrificial food
ग्रहोक्थ n. grahoktha hymn sung while a ladleful is being taken up
अभ्युदितशायिता f. abhyuditazAyitA state of lying asleep while the sun has risen
अनूत्सारम् ind. anUtsAram while leaving a place or retiring successively
अभ्युदिता adj. abhyuditA one over whom (while sleeping) the sun has risen
केशोण्डुक m. kezoNDuka net-like apparitions seen while the eyes are shut
अग्निकार्य n. agnikArya prayers said while doing feeding sacrificial fire
पारिवित्त्य n. pArivittya being unmarried while a younger brother is married
अभ्यस्तमित adj. abhyastamita one on whom while not being asleep the sun has set
सामिधेनी f. sAmidhenI verse recited while the sacrificial fire is kindled
ब्रह्माञ्जलि m. brahmAJjali joining the hollowed hands while repeating the veda
उद्वाश्यते verb udvAzyate { udvAz } address in a weeping voice or while uttering lamentations
मुखवस्त्रिका f. mukhavastrikA piece of fine muslin or net held before the face while speaking
पल्यङ्क m. palyaGka cloth wound round the loins while sitting on the heels and hams
पर्यङ्क m. paryaGka cloth wound round the back and loins and knees while so sitting
प्रक्षेप m. prakSepa anything added or thrown into drugs while in course of decoction
प्रादक्षिण्य n. prAdakSiNya circumambulation while keeping one's right side towards an object
अभिनिम्रुक्त adj. abhinimrukta upon whom while not doing any work or while sleeping the sun has set
अभिनिम्रुक्त adj. abhinimrukta upon whom while not doing any work or while sleeping the sun has set
कुण्ड m. kuNDa son of a woman by another man than her husband while the husband is alive
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