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सहचरीधर्म m. sahacarIdharma wife's duty
पत्न्योदन n. patnyodana wife's rice
स्याली f. syAlI wife's sister
शाली f. zAlI wife's sister
स्याल m. syAla wife's brother
वाक्कीर m. vAkkIra wife's brother
स्यालक m. syAlaka wife's brother
आत्मनीन m. AtmanIna wife's brother
वारकीर m. vArakIra wife's brother
कुम्भिल m. kumbhila wife's brother
आत्मवीर m. AtmavIra wife's brother
वार्गर m. vArgara wife's brother
ज्येष्ठश्वश्रू f. jyeSThazvazrU wife's elder sister
कुली f. kulI wife's elder sister
कष्टभागिनेय m. kaSTabhAgineya wife's sister's son
अबल n. abala wife's elder brother
हाली f. hAlI wife's younger sister
केलिकुञ्चिका f. kelikuJcikA wife's younger sister
यन्त्रिणी f. yantriNI wife's younger sister
वधूधन n. vadhUdhana wife's private property
स्त्रीधन n. strIdhana wife's peculiar property
शालीभर्तृ m. zAlIbhartR husband of a wife's sister
श्वशुर m. zvazura husband's or wife's father
श्वशुर्य m. zvazurya wife's or husband's brother
सखि m. sakhi husband of the wife's sister
जायाघ्न m. jAyAghna mole indicative of a wife's death
अध्यावाहनिक n. adhyAvAhanika that part of a wife's property which
आत्माधीन m. AtmAdhIna wife's brother : the jester in a play
सहोपपतिवेश्मन् adj. sahopapativezman living together with a wife's paramour
स्त्रीयाचितपुत्र m. strIyAcitaputra son obtained through a wife's solicitations
महिषी f. mahiSI unchaste woman or money gained by a wife's prostitution
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