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मृजित adj. mRjita wiped
परिमृजित adj. parimRjita wiped
मार्जित adj. mArjita wiped
परिमृष्ट adj. parimRSTa wiped off
अपमृष्ट adj. apamRSTa wiped off
निर्मथित adj. nirmathita wiped off
आमृष्ट adj. AmRSTa wiped off
निर्मृष्ट adj. nirmRSTa wiped off
मृजित adj. mRjita wiped off
क्षालित adj. kSAlita wiped away
मार्जित adj. mArjita wiped away
प्रमृष्ट adj. pramRSTa wiped away
निःक्षिप्य ind. niHkSipya having wiped away
उन्मृष्ट adj. unmRSTa rubbed or wiped off
परिमृष्ट adj. parimRSTa wiped or washed away
समुद्धस्त adj. samuddhasta wiped off with the hand
आमृज्य ind. AmRjya having wiped away or off
मार्ग्य adj. mArgya to be wiped away or removed
निर्मार्ग m. nirmArga that which is stripped or wiped off
सम्मार्जन n. sammArjana remains of food wiped off from dishes
वपामार्जन adj. vapAmArjana that on which the omentum is wiped or separated off
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