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त्याग m. tyAga withdrawal
विकर्ष m. vikarSa withdrawal
प्रत्याहरण n. pratyAharaNa withdrawal
आहरण n. AharaNa withdrawal
विनय m. vinaya withdrawal
प्रत्याहार m. pratyAhAra withdrawal [e.g. of senses from external objects]
समाहार m. samAhAra withdrawal
प्रच्यव m. pracyava withdrawal
प्रत्यववहार m. pratyavavahAra withdrawal
विरोधित्व n. virodhitva withdrawal
प्रच्यवन n. pracyavana withdrawal
समाहृति f. samAhRti withdrawal from
अपवाद m. apavAda withdrawal of the adhyAropa or superimposed attribute
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