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म्लायति verb 1 Par mlAyati { mlai } wither
म्लान n. mlAna withering
परिशुष्यति verb parizuSyati { parizuS } wither
प्रतिशुष्यति verb pratizuSyati { pratizuS } wither
परिशुष्यते verb parizuSyate { parizuS } wither
पायति verb pAyati { pai } wither
शोषयति verb caus. zoSayati { zuS } wither
शीर्यते verb pass. zIryate { zRR } wither
स्रूत adj. srUta withered
उच्छुष्क adj. ucchuSka withered
विशुष्क adj. vizuSka withered
म्लात adj. mlAta withered
निपतित adj. nipatita withered
काहल adj. kAhala withered
शन्न adj. zanna withered
परिजीर्ण adj. parijIrNa withered
परिशुष्क adj. parizuSka withered
क्षीणसार adj. kSINasAra withered
शीर्ण adj. zIrNa withered
नीरस adj. nIrasa withered
परिम्लान adj. parimlAna withered
गतरस adj. gatarasa withered
शुष्क adj. zuSka withered
शुष्काङ्ग adj. zuSkAGga withered
प्रम्लान adj. pramlAna withered
झर्झरित adj. jharjharita withered
परि उष्ट adj. pari uSTa withered
जीर्ण adj. ppp jIrNa withered
उपशोष adj. upazoSa withering
क्लान्त adj. klAnta withering
विशोषिन् adj. vizoSin withering
निर्म्रेतुक adj. nirmretuka withering
शोषण adj. zoSaNa withering
उच्छोषुक adj. ucchoSuka withering
परिणाम m. pariNAma withering
विपाक m. vipAka withering
उपशोषन n. upazoSana withering
अवशातन n. avazAtana withering
विम्लायति verb vimlAyati { vimlai } wither away
विशुष्यते verb vizuSyate { vizuS } wither away
विशुष्यति verb vizuSyati { vizuS } wither away
प्रग्लायति verb praglAyati { praglai } wither away
विम्लायते verb vimlAyate { vimlai } wither away
अस्राम adj. asrAma not withered
अपरिम्लान m. aparimlAna not withering
शीर्णपत्त्र n. zIrNapattra withered leaf
हृदयशोषण adj. hRdayazoSaNa heart-withering
हृदयशोषण adj. hRdayazoSaNa heart-withering
जीर्णपत्त्र m. jIrNapattra withered-leaved
जीर्णपत्त्र m. jIrNapattra withered-leaved
जीर्णपत्त्र m. jIrNapattra withered-leaved
प्रम्लानशरीर adj. pramlAnazarIra withered in body
हिमध्वस्त adj. himadhvasta withered by cold
विपरिम्लान adj. viparimlAna entirely withered
पलितम्लान adj. palitamlAna grey and withered
शीर्णता f. zIrNatA withered condition
म्लानत्व n. mlAnatva withered condition
शीर्णत्व n. zIrNatva withered condition
म्लान n. mlAna withered condition
प्रम्लायति verb pramlAyati { pramlai } fade or wither away
परिम्लायते verb parimlAyate { parimlai } fade or wither away
शुष्कपत्त्र n. zuSkapattra dry or withered leaf
उपशोषयति verb caus. upazoSayati { upazuS } make dry or withered
शीर्णमूल adj. zIrNamUla having withered roots
कुणारु adj. kuNAru having a withered arm
कुणिबाहु m. kuNibAhu having a withered arm
संशुष्कास्य adj. saMzuSkAsya having a withered face
शीर्णपत्त्र adj. zIrNapattra having withered leaves
विम्लान adj. vimlAna faded or withered away
आसन n. Asana withers of an elephant
सम्परिशोषण n. samparizoSaNa drying or withering up
शुष्यति verb 4 int zuSyati { zuS } become dry or withered
शीर्णपुष्प adj. zIrNapuSpa having withered flowers
परिशुष्कपलाश adj. parizuSkapalAza having withered foliage
म्लापयति verb caus. mlApayati { mlai } cause to wither or fade
परिशोषिन् adj. parizoSin becoming dry or withered
अन्तःशीर्ण adj. antaHzIrNa withered or rotten within
स्वयम्म्लान adj. svayammlAna faded or withered of itself
विम्लापयति verb caus. vimlApayati { vimlai } cause to wither or languish
शीर्णपर्णाशिन् adj. zIrNaparNAzin one who eats withered leaves
शीर्णक adj. zIrNaka one who eats withered leaves
प्रग्लापयति verb caus. praglApayati { praglai } cause to wither or fade away
विम्लापन n. vimlApana causing to wither or languish
शिशरीषति verb Desid. zizarISati { zRR } wish to let it decay or wither
शिशीर्षति verb Desid. zizIrSati { zRR } wish to let it decay or wither
सङ्कोचपत्त्रक adj. saGkocapattraka causing the withering of leaves
संशुष्क adj. saMzuSka completely dried up or withered
विशोषित adj. vizoSita completely dried up or withered
शीर्णपर्णफल adj. zIrNaparNaphala having withered leaves and fruits
कुकर adj. kukara having a crooked or withered hand
परिजीर्यति verb parijIryati { parijRR } become worn out or old or withered
परिजीर्यते verb parijIryate { parijRR } become worn out or old or withered
रूक्षम्लानाङ्ग adj. rUkSamlAnAGga having emaciated and withered limbs
विकलपाणिक m. vikalapANika one who has a mutilated or withered hand
स्कन्धदेश m. skandhadeza part about the shoulders or withers of an elephant
शरभा f. zarabhA girl with withered limbs and therefore unfit for marriage
कुणि adj. kuNi having a crooked or withered arm or an arm without a hand or finger
संशुष्कमांसत्वक्स्नायु adj. saMzuSkamAMsatvaksnAyu one whose flesh and skin and sinews are completely dried up or withered
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