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काष्ठमय adj. kASThamaya wooden
दार्व adj. dArva wooden
काष्ठपादुक m. kASThapAduka wooden sandal
दारुज adj. dAruja wooden
वन्य adj. vanya wooden
दारुमय adj. dArumaya wooden
काष्ठघटित adj. kASThaghaTita wooden
वार्क्ष adj. vArkSa wooden
काष्ठिन् adj. kASThin wooden
वृक्षज adj. vRkSaja wooden
द्रुममय adj. drumamaya wooden
वार्क्ष्य adj. vArkSya wooden
अधिदार्व adj. adhidArva wooden
वृक्षमय adj. vRkSamaya wooden
दारव adj. dArava wooden
वानस्पत्य adj. vAnaspatya wooden
दर्वि f. darvi wooden
योषा f. yoSA wooden doll
दारुस्त्री f. dArustrI wooden doll
द्रुघण m. drughaNa wooden mace
तर्दू f. tardU wooden ladle
काष्ठपुत्तलिका f. kASThaputtalikA wooden image
फलकिन् m. phalakin wooden bench
काष्ठागार m. kASThAgAra wooden house
काष्ठपट्ट m. kASThapaTTa wooden board
स्थावरक्रयाणक n. sthAvarakrayANaka wooden goods
दण्डकाष्ठ n. daNDakASTha wooden staff
फलक n. phalaka wooden bench
दारुगर्भा f. dArugarbhA wooden puppet
शालाङ्की f. zAlAGkI wooden figure
खरपाल m. kharapAla wooden vessel
उलूखल n. ulUkhala wooden mortar
दारुपात्र n. dArupAtra wooden vessel
वन् n. van wooden vessel
उदूखल n. udUkhala wooden mortar
द्रुपद n. drupada wooden pillar
काज n. kAja wooden hammer
हडि m. haDi wooden fetters
दारुशैलमय adj. dAruzailamaya wooden or stony
डित्थ m. Dittha wooden elephant
द्रुवय m.n. druvaya a wooden measure
शम्या f. zamyA wooden pin or peg
सूक्ष्मदारु n. sUkSmadAru thin wooden plank
स्रुव m. sruva small wooden ladle
जुहू f. juhU curved wooden ladle
अम्बुवाहिनी f. ambuvAhinI wooden baling vessel
अम्बुसेचनी f. ambusecanI wooden baling vessel
द्रोणी f. droNI wooden trough or tub
कण्डनी f. kaNDanI wooden bowl or mortar
दारुका f. dArukA wooden doll or puppet
द्रुवय m. druvaya wooden vessel or dish
दारुहस्त m. dAruhasta wooden spoon or ladle
द्रुवय m. druvaya wooden part of a drum
दारुहस्तक m. dAruhastaka wooden spoon or ladle
पिशील n. pizIla wooden vessel or dish
दारुकर्णिन् m. dArukarNin having wooden earrings
आच्छादन n. AcchAdana wooden frame of a roof
वन n. vana wooden vessel or barrel
अभ्रि f. abhri wooden scraper or shovel
स्रुच् f. sruc sort of large wooden ladle
करपालिका f. karapAlikA short club or wooden sword
घर्षणाल m. gharSaNAla wooden roller for grinding
स्तम्भोत्कीर्ण adj. stambhotkIrNa carved out of a wooden post
स्थूणाविरोहण n. sthUNAvirohaNa sprouting of a wooden stake
द्रु m.n. dru wood or any wooden implement
फलच्छदन n. phalacchadana house built of wooden boards
काष्ठाम्बुवाहिनी f. kASThAmbuvAhinI wooden bucket or baling vessel
दारुयन्त्र n. dAruyantra wooden puppet moved by strings
उपतल्प्य m. upatalpya kind of wooden seat or stool on
सूकरी f. sUkarI small pillar above a wooden beam
वातर्द्धि m. vAtarddhi wooden vessel with an iron stand
काष्ठकुद्दाल m. kASThakuddAla kind of wooden shovel or scraper
यतिपात्र n. yatipAtra wooden vessel for collecting alms
मुसल m.n. musala wooden pestle used for cleaning rice
उत्तरङ्ग n. uttaraGga wooden arch surmounting a door frame
चटुक caTuka wooden vessel for taking up any fluid
बिल्वदण्ड m. bilvadaNDa wooden staff made from wood-apple tree [Aegle marmelos - Bot.]
चषालवत् adj. caSAlavat furnished with a wooden ring at the top
आभ्रिक adj. Abhrika one who digs with a wooden spade or hoe
वनक्रक्ष adj. vanakrakSa crackling or bubbling in a wooden vessel
प्रग्रीव adj. pragrIva wooden balustrade or fence round building
शफ m. zapha wooden implement formed like a claw or hook
यूपकटक m. yUpakaTaka wooden ring at the top of a sacrificial post
चषाल m.n. caSAla wooden ring on the top of a sacrificial post
शृतावदान n. zRtAvadAna wooden implement for distributing the puroDAza
कज्जलरोचक m. kajjalarocaka wooden stand or tripod on which a lamp is placed
उद्धन m. uddhana wooden swordlike instrument for stirring boiled rice
चषालयूप m. caSAlayUpa sacrificial post furnished with a wooden ring at the top
प्रचरणी f. pracaraNI wooden ladle employed for want of a better at a sacrifice
कूबर m.n. kUbara pole of a carriage or the wooden frame to which the yoke is fixed
अर्गल adj. argala a wooden bolt or pin for fastening a door or the cover of a vessel
व्यासपीठ n. vyAsapITha foldable wooden book-stand that holds a open book that is being read
विवरूथ adj. vivarUtha deprived of a chariot-guard i.e. of the wooden ledge fixed on a chariot
मातृका f. mAtRkA wooden peg driven into the ground for the support of the staff of indra's banner
वरूथ n. varUtha sort of wooden ledge or guard fastened round a chariot as a defence against collision
शृङ्खलक m. zRGkhalaka young camel or other young animal with wooden rings or clogs on his feet to prevent straying
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