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मिथु adverb mithu wrongly
मिथ्या indecl. mithyA wrongly
मृषा adverb mRSA wrongly
पापम् adverb pApam wrongly
असम्यक् ind. asamyak wrongly
मुधा ind. mudhA wrongly
विधर्मतस् ind. vidharmatas wrongly
वृथा ind. vRthA wrongly
अक्ष्णया ind. akSNayA wrongly
विपद्यते verb vipadyate { vipad } go wrongly
विपद्यते verb vipadyate { vi- pad } go wrongly
अपचरति verb apacarati { apacar } act wrongly
फक्कति verb phakkati { phakk } act wrongly
अक्ष्णयाकृत adj. akSNayAkRta done wrongly
विपद् f. vipad going wrongly
विपद् f. vipad going wrongly
विपत्ति f. vipatti going wrongly
विशङ्कते verb vizaGkate { vizaGk } judge wrongly
दुर्विदग्ध adj. durvidagdha wrongly taught
अन्यथासिद्ध adj. anyathAsiddha wrongly defined
दुरुपयुक्त adj. durupayukta wrongly applied
विप्लुत adj. vipluta wrongly treated
बधू f. badhU wrongly for vadh/U
विलङ्घयति verb caus. vilaGghayati { vilaGgh } act wrongly towards
दुःश्रुत adj. duHzruta badly or wrongly heard
काश f. kAza wrongly spelt for kAsa
दुर्विवक्तृ m. durvivaktR one who answers wrongly
दुष्कृत adj. duSkRta wrongly or wickedly done
काशीश n. kAzIza wrongly spelt for kAsIsa
विपर्येति verb viparyeti { viparI } turn out badly or wrongly
अपकृत adj. apakRta done wrongly or maliciously
अभिचरति verb 1 abhicarati { abhicar } act wrongly towards any one
विकर्मन् adj. vikarman acting wrongly or unlawfully
विकर्मिन् adj. vikarmin acting wrongly or unlawfully
व्यतिक्रान्त adj. vyatikrAnta one who has wrongly taken to
विधर्मन् adj. vidharman acting wrongly or unlawfully
कुदृष्ट adj. kudRSTa seen wrongly or indistinctly
दुश्चरति verb duzcarati { duzcar } act wrongly or badly towards
अन्यथासिद्ध adj. anyathAsiddha wrongly proved or established
परिवर्तयति verb caus. parivartayati { parivRt } understand or explain wrongly
शोभते verb zobhate { zubh } used wrongly to imply zundhati
शुम्भति verb zumbhati { zubh } used wrongly to imply zundhati
अक्ष्णयाद्रुह् adj. akSNayAdruh injuring wrongly or in a bad way
ब्रवीति verb bravIti { brU } speak or decide or judge wrongly
ब्रूते verb brUte { brU } speak or decide or judge wrongly
अभिपन्न adj. abhipanna one who has acted wrongly towards
विषमस्पृहा f. viSamaspRhA coveting wrongly another's property
ह्वरति verb 1 hvarati { hvR } go crookedly or wrongly or deviously
वृथापशुघ्न adj. vRthApazughna one who kills cattle wrongly or unnecessarily
दुरन्वय m. duranvaya consequence wrongly deduced from given premises
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