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याम m. yAma coordinates [math.]
याम m. yAma coordinate [Math.]
याम m. yAma quarter of day or night
यम m. yama god of death
यमन् n. yaman flight
यमन् n. yaman course
यमन् n. yaman motion
यमन् n. yaman coming
यमल n. yamala twin
यमन n. yamana control
याम-रैखिकी f. yAma-raikhikI coordinate geometry
द्विधात्वीय यामक m. dvidhAtvIya yAmaka bimetallic regulator [Chem.]
स्थिर ताप यामक m. sthira tApa yAmaka constant temperature regulator [Chem.]
अन्तःस्थ-जल-यमन n. antaHstha-jala-yamana control of water content [Zool.]
यम adj. yama forming a pair
यम adj. yama twin
यम adj. yama twin-born
याम adj. yAma relating to or derived from or destined for yama
यामा f. yAmA period or watch of 3 hours
यामा f. yAmA 8th part of a day
यामा f. yAmA night-watch
यम m. yama curb
यम m. yama suppression
यम m. yama charioteer
याम m. yAma restraint
यम m. yama act of checking or curbing
यम m. yama one of a pair or couple
यम m. yama driver
यम m. yama symbolical name for the number two
यम m. yama bridle
याम m. yAma progress
याम m. yAma going
याम m. yAma road
यम m. yama any great moral rule or duty
याम m. yAma end
याम m. yAma carriage
यम m. yama rein
याम m. yAma course
यम m. yama self-control forbearance
यम m. yama any rule or observance
याम m. yAma path
यम m. yama fellow
याम m. yAma cessation
याम m. yAma motion
यम m. yama crow
यम m. yama self-restraint
यम m. yama bad horse
याम m. yAma forbearance
याम m. yAma way
याम m. yAma chariot
यम m. yama restraint
यम m. yama Pluto
यम n. yama brace
यम n. yama pitch of the voice
यम n. yama couple
यम n. yama pair
यम n. yama tone of utterance
यम n. yama key
यामन् n. yAman march
यामन् n. yAman expedition
यामन् n. yAman motion
यामन् n. yAman flight
यामन् n. yAman approaching the gods
यामन् n. yAman prayer
यामन् n. yAman going
यामन् n. yAman coming
यामन् n. yAman sacrifice
यामन् n. yAman invocation
यामन् n. yAman course
यामहू adj. yAmahU one who allows himself to be invoked by devout approach or prayers
यमज adj. yamaja twin-born
यमज m. yamaja twins
यमक adj. yamaka twin
यमक adj. yamaka twofold
यमक adj. yamaka doubled
यमक m. yamaka check
यामक m. yAmaka name of the nakSatra punarvasu [du.]
यमक m. yamaka two similar greasy substances
यमक m. yamaka religious obligation or observance
यमक m. yamaka oil and ghee
यमक n. yamaka restraint
यमक n. yamaka double band or bandage
यमक n. yamaka paronomasia
यमक n. yamaka kind of metre
यमक n. yamaka repetition in the same stanza of words or syllables similar in sound but different in meaning
यमल adj. yamala paired
यमल adj. yamala doubled
यमला f. yamalA sort of dress
यमला f. yamalA kind of hiccough
यमल m. yamala brace
यमल m. yamala twins
यमल m. yamala number two
यमल m. yamala couple
यमल m. yamala singer in a duet
यमल n. yamala pair
यामल n. yAmala pair
यमन adj. yamana governing
यमन adj. yamana managing
यमन adj. yamana restraining
यमन m. yamana god yama
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