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यमन् n. yaman flight
यमन् n. yaman course
यमन् n. yaman motion
यमन् n. yaman coming
यमन n. yamana control
अन्तःस्थ-जल-यमन n. antaHstha-jala-yamana control of water content [Zool.]
यामन् n. yAman expedition
यामन् n. yAman motion
यामन् n. yAman flight
यामन् n. yAman prayer
यामन् n. yAman approaching the gods
यामन् n. yAman going
यामन् n. yAman sacrifice
यामन् n. yAman coming
यामन् n. yAman invocation
यामन् n. yAman course
यामन् n. yAman march
यमन adj. yamana managing
यमन adj. yamana restraining
यमन adj. yamana governing
यमन m. yamana god yama
यमन n. yamana binding
यमन n. yamana cessation
यमन n. yamana end
यमन n. yamana tying
यमन n. yamana act of restraining
यमानी f. yamAnI Bishop's weed [ Ptychotis Ajowan - Bot. ]
यमन्वा f. yamanvA term for a form increased by vRddhi
यमानिका f. yamAnikA Bishop's weed [ Ptychotis Ajowan - Bot. ]
यामानुग adj. yAmAnuga being in attendance on yama
यामानुग adj. yAmAnuga following yama
यामनादिन् m. yAmanAdin cock
यामनादिन् m. yAmanAdin proclaiming the watches
यमनेत्र adj. yamanetra having yama as guide or leader
यमान्तक m. yamAntaka yama and the god of destroyer
यमान्तक m. yamAntaka yama as the destroyer or god of death
यमान्तक m. yamAntaka yama's destroyer
यमानुचर m. yamAnucara servant of yama
यमनक्षत्र n. yamanakSatra yama's asterism or lunar mansion
यमनगरातिथि m. yamanagarAtithi guest in yama's city i.e. dead
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