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यामिनीपति m. yAminIpati moon
यामि f. yAmi sister
यामि f. yAmi female relation
यामि f. yAmi woman of rank or respectability
यमिन् adj. yamin curbing
यमिन् adj. yamin one who restrains himself or has subdued his senses
यमिन् adj. yamin restraining
यामिक adj. yAmika being on watch or guard
यमिका f. yamikA kind of hiccough
यामिका f. yAmikA night
यामिक m. yAmika night-watcher
यामिक m. yAmika watchman
यामिनी f. yAminI consisting of watches
यामिनी f. yAminI yAmIra
यमिनी f. yaminI bringing forth twins
यामिनी f. yAminI night
यामीरा f. yAmIrA night
यामीर m. yAmIra moon
यमित adj. yamita restrained
यमित adj. yamita checked
यामित्र n. yAmitra diameter
यमित्री f. yamitrI holding together
यमित्वा gerund yamitvA having given
यामिकता f. yAmikatA state or office of a watchman
यमिष्ठ adj. yamiSTha guiding or managing best
यमिष्ठ adj. yamiSTha most skilful in restraining or guiding
यामिनयति verb yAminayati { yAminaya } appear like night
यामिनीपति m. yAminIpati beloved or the husband of night
यामिकभट m. yAmikabhaTa night-watcher
यामिकभट m. yAmikabhaTa watchman
यामिनीनाथ m. yAminInAtha moon
यामिनीनाथ m. yAminInAtha beloved or the husband of night
यामिनीदयित m. yAminIdayita beloved or the husband of night
यामिनीदयित m. yAminIdayita moon
यामिनीरमण m. yAminIramaNa lover of night
यामिनीरमण m. yAminIramaNa moon
यामिनीविरहिन् adj. yAminIvirahin separated by night
यामिनीविरहिन् m. yAminIvirahin bird cakravAka
यामिनीप्रियतम m. yAminIpriyatama lover of night
यामिनीप्रियतम m. yAminIpriyatama moon
यामिनीपूर्णतिलका f. yAminIpUrNatilakA assumed name of a princess
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