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यज्ञ m. yajJa sacrifice
यज्ञवर्मन् m. yajJavarman proper name
याज्ञ adj. yAjJa relating or belonging to sacrifice
यज्ञ m. yajJa act of worship or devotion
यज्ञ m. yajJa prayer
यज्ञ m. yajJa devotion
यज्ञ m. yajJa fire
यज्ञ m. yajJa worship
यज्ञ m. yajJa offering
यज्ञ m. yajJa worshipper
यज्ञ m. yajJa praise
यज्ञनी adj. yajJanI conducting worship or sacrifice
यज्ञारि m. yajJAri foe of sacrifice
यज्ञता f. yajJatA state or condition of a sacrifice
यज्ञदृश् adj. yajJadRz looking on at a sacrifice
यज्ञाङ्गा f. yajJAGgA Heart-Leaved Moonseed [Cocculus cordifolius - Bot.]
यज्ञाङ्ग m. yajJAGga black cutch tree [Acacia Catechu - Bot.]
यज्ञाङ्ग m. yajJAGga black-spotted antelope
यज्ञाङ्ग m. yajJAGga bleeding-heart plant [Clerodendrum indicum - Bot.]
यज्ञाङ्ग m. yajJAGga cluster fig tree [Ficus Glomerata - Bot.]
यज्ञाङ्ग n. yajJAGga part or means or instrument or requisite of a sacrifice
यज्ञहन् adj. yajJahan destroying or disturbing sacrifice or worship
यज्ञज्ञ adj. yajJajJa skilled in worship or sacrifice
यज्ञकृत् adj. yajJakRt causing or occasioning sacrifice
यज्ञकृत् adj. yajJakRt performing as
यज्ञकृत् adj. yajJakRt worshipping
यज्ञलिह् m. yajJalih priest
यज्ञमुह् adj. yajJamuh disturbing a sacrifice
यज्ञान्त adj. yajJAnta ending with the word yajJa
यज्ञान्त m. yajJAnta end or conclusion of a sacrifice
यज्ञान्त m. yajJAnta supplementary sacrifice
यज्ञप्री adj. yajJaprI delighting in sacrifice
यज्ञराज् m. yajJarAj king of sacrifice the moon
यज्ञार्ह adj. yajJArha deserving or fit for a sacrifice
यज्ञर्त adj. yajJarta suitable or proper for sacrifice
यज्ञासह् adj. yajJAsah mighty in sacrifice
यज्ञवत् adj. yajJavat worshipping
यज्ञविद् adj. yajJavid skilled in sacrifice
यज्ञायुस् n. yajJAyus life of a sacrifice
यज्ञश्री adj. yajJazrI promoting sacrifice
यज्ञबाहु m. yajJabAhu fire
यज्ञबाहु m. yajJabAhu arm of sacrifice
यज्ञभृत् m. yajJabhRt institutor of a sacrifice
यज्ञभुज् m. yajJabhuj god
यज्ञाढ्य m. yajJADhya rich in sacrifice
यज्ञद्रुह् m. yajJadruh demon
यज्ञद्रुह् m. yajJadruh enemy of sacrifice
यज्ञहन adj. yajJahana
यज्ञहोतृ m. yajJahotR offerer at a sacrifice
यज्ञकाल m. yajJakAla last lunar day in each half of a month
यज्ञकाल m. yajJakAla time for sacrifice
यज्ञकाम adj. yajJakAma desirous of sacrifice or worship
यज्ञकार adj. yajJakAra occupied in a sacrifice
यज्ञकेतु adj. yajJaketu giving a sign by a sacrifice
यज्ञलोप m. yajJalopa disturbance of a sacrifice
यज्ञमय adj. yajJamaya containing the sacrifice
यज्ञनेमि m. yajJanemi surrounded by sacrifice
यज्ञपदी f. yajJapadI taking a step or steps with the feet during a sacrifice
यज्ञपति m. yajJapati lord of sacrifice
यज्ञपशु m. yajJapazu victim
यज्ञपशु m. yajJapazu animal for sacrifice
यज्ञपशु m. yajJapazu horse
यज्ञापेत m. yajJApeta destitute of sacrifice
यज्ञपुंस् m. yajJapuMs soul of sacrifice
यज्ञरूप adj. yajJarUpa having the form of a sacrifice
यज्ञरूप n. yajJarUpa form or attribute of a sacrifice
यज्ञसाध् adj. yajJasAdh performing sacrifice
यज्ञसार m. yajJasAra cluster fig tree [Ficus Glomerata - Bot.]
यज्ञसार m. yajJasAra essence of sacrifice
यज्ञसेन m. yajJasena name of drupada
यज्ञसेन m. yajJasena name of viSNu
यज्ञस्थ adj. yajJastha engaged in a sacrifice
यज्ञतनू f. yajJatanU form of worship or sacrifice
यज्ञतति f. yajJatati performance of a sacrifice
यज्ञातीत m. yajJAtIta surpassing sacrifice
यज्ञात्मन् m. yajJAtman soul of sacrifice
यज्ञवाह adj. yajJavAha conducting the sacrifice to the gods
यज्ञवह m. yajJavaha conducting the sacrifice to the gods name of the two azvins
यज्ञवाट m. yajJavATa place enclosed and prepared for a sacrifice
यज्ञवेदि f. yajJavedi altar for sacrifice
यज्ञवेदी f. yajJavedI altar for sacrifice
यज्ञवृध् adj. yajJavRdh pleased with or abounding in sacrifice
यज्ञायति verb yajJAyati { yajJAya } be diligent in worship or in sacrifices
यज्ञाशन m. yajJAzana god
यज्ञशेष m. yajJazeSa what is left of a sacrifice
यज्ञभाग adj. yajJabhAga having a share in a sacrifice
यज्ञभाग m. yajJabhAga god
यज्ञभाग m. yajJabhAga share in a sacrifice
यज्ञभूमि f. yajJabhUmi place for sacrifice
यज्ञधीर adj. yajJadhIra conversant with worship or sacrifice
यज्ञदीक्षा f. yajJadIkSA due performance of a sacrifice
यज्ञदीक्षा f. yajJadIkSA initiation into sacrifice
यज्ञगाथा f. yajJagAthA memorial verse connected with a sacrifice
यज्ञहर्तृ m. yajJahartR spoiler of sacrifice
यज्ञकल्प adj. yajJakalpa resembling a sacrifice
यज्ञक्रतु m. yajJakratu complete rite or chief ceremony
यज्ञक्रतु m. yajJakratu personification of viSNu
यज्ञक्रिया f. yajJakriyA sacrificial act or rite
यज्ञकुण्ड n. yajJakuNDa hole in the ground for receiving the sacrificial fire
यज्ञकुण्ट m. yajJakuNTa fireplace
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