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आम्रेडितयमक n. AmreDitayamaka yamaka
यमकत्व n. yamakatva being a yamaka
चतुर्व्यवसितयमक n. caturvyavasitayamaka kind of yamaka
वृन्तयमक n. vRntayamaka kind of yamaka
यमकावली f. yamakAvalI uninterrupted series of yamakas
गर्भयमक n. garbhayamaka yamaka exhibited in an inserted phrase
मध्यान्तयमक n. madhyAntayamaka yamaka in the midland and end of averse
पुष्पयमक n. puSpayamaka yamaka of the final syllables of all lines of a stanza e.g
सन्दष्टयमक n. sandaSTayamaka yamaka in which each quarter of the stanza begins with a word twice repeated
मायायमक n. mAyAyamaka yamaka in which the whole stanza consists of one consonant combined with all vowels
विपथयमक n. vipathayamaka kind of yamaka in which the paronomasia is only at the beginning and end of the verse
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