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यथार्थ adj. yathArtha suitable
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha accurate
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha exact
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha real
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha concrete [Statistics]
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha appropriate
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha adequate
यथार्था f. yathArthA suitableness
यथार्थ n. yathArtha as a matter of fact
यथार्थम adj. yathArthama precise
यथार्थता f. yathArthatA perfection
यथार्थता f. yathArthatA precision
यथार्थता f. yathArthatA exactness
यथार्थं वदामि sent. yathArthaM vadAmi I am telling the truth.
इदानीं यथार्थः समयः कः? sent. idAnIM yathArthaH samayaH kaH? What is the exact time now?
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha true to its sense
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha right
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha intrinsical
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha significant
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha true
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha conformable to truth or the true meaning
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha genuine
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha accordant with reality
यथार्थ ind. yathArtha according to truth or fact
यथार्थ ind. yathArtha truly
यथार्थ ind. yathArtha really
यथार्थ ind. yathArtha according to pleasure or liking
यथार्थम् ind. yathArtham according to the aim object
यथार्थम् ind. yathArtham suitably
यथार्थम् ind. yathArtham fitly
यथार्थक adj. yathArthaka true
यथार्थक adj. yathArthaka real
यथार्थक adj. yathArthaka right
यथार्थता f. yathArthatA suitableness
यथार्थता f. yathArthatA accuracy
यथार्थता f. yathArthatA accordance of a name with its meaning
यथार्थता f. yathArthatA rectitude
यथार्थतः indecl. yathArthataH intrinsically
यथार्थाख्य adj. yathArthAkhya having an appropriate name
यथार्थाक्षर adj. yathArthAkSara having letters expressive of the true sense
यथार्थवर्ण m. yathArthavarNa spy
यथार्थवर्ण m. yathArthavarNa having a true colour or appearance
यथार्थवर्ण m. yathArthavarNa secret emissary
यथार्थभाषिन् adj. yathArthabhASin speaking fitly or truly
यथार्थनामक adj. yathArthanAmaka having an appropriate name
यथार्थतत्त्वम् ind. yathArthatattvam in accordance with truth or reality
यथार्थकृतनामन् adj. yathArthakRtanAman appropriately named
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