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यथासाम ind. yathAsAma according to the order of the sAman
यथासमयम् ind. yathAsamayam at the proper time
यथासमयम् ind. yathAsamayam according to agreement
यथासमयम् ind. yathAsamayam according to established custom
यथासमयम् ind. yathAsamayam according to time
यथासमान्नातम् ind. yathAsamAnnAtam according to what his been mentioned or specified
यथासामर्थ्यम् ind. yathAsAmarthyam according to ability or power
यथासमर्थितम् ind. yathAsamarthitam as has been thought good
यथासमयंअवसरम् indecl. yathAsamayaMavasaram in time
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