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यथास्व adj. yathAsva every for himself or in his own way
यथास्व adj. yathAsva every one possessing his own
यथास्व adj. yathAsva individually
यथास्व adj. yathAsva each according to to own
यथास्व adj. yathAsva properly
यथास्व adj. yathAsva each on own account
यथास्वम् ind. yathAsvam every for himself or in his own way
यथास्वम् ind. yathAsvam individually
यथास्वम् ind. yathAsvam properly
यथास्वम् ind. yathAsvam each on own account
यथास्वैर ind. yathAsvaira freely
यथास्वैर ind. yathAsvaira at pleasure
यथास्वरम् ind. yathAsvaram according to the sound
यथास्वैरम् ind. yathAsvairam according to one's inclination or wish
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