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यथातथ adj. yathAtatha accurate
यथातथ adj. yathAtatha true
यथातथ adj. yathAtatha conformable to truth or the exact state of the case
यथातथ adj. yathAtatha right
यथातथ n. yathAtatha detailed account of events
यथातथम् adverb yathAtatham truly
यथातथम् adverb yathAtatham as it really is
यथातथम् ind. yathAtatham in conformity with truth or reality
यथातथम् ind. yathAtatham as is becoming or proper
यथातथम् ind. yathAtatham precisely
यथातथम् ind. yathAtatham duly
यथातथम् ind. yathAtatham exactly
यथातथम् ind. yathAtatham fitly
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