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यत्न m. yatna attempt
यत्नतः adverb yatnataH with efforts
यत्न m. yatna performance
यत्न m. yatna activity of will
यत्न m. yatna zeal
यत्न m. yatna special or express remark or statement
यत्न m. yatna volition
यत्न m. yatna care
यत्न m. yatna trouble
यत्न m. yatna aspiring after
यत्न m. yatna endeavour after
यत्न m. yatna work
यत्न m. yatna effort
यत्न m. yatna pains
यत्न m. yatna exertion
यत्न m. yatna energy
यत्नतस् ind. yatnatas through or with effort
यत्नतस् ind. yatnatas zealously
यत्नतस् ind. yatnatas carefully
यत्नतस् ind. yatnatas diligently
यत्नवत् adj. yatnavat possessing energy
यत्नाक्षेप m. yatnAkSepa objection raised notwithstanding an effort to stop it
यत्नान्तर n. yatnAntara another effort or exertion
यत्नवत्त्व n. yatnavattva making effort
यत्नवत्त्व n. yatnavattva strenuous
यत्नवत्त्व n. yatnavattva taking pains about
यत्नवत्त्व n. yatnavattva diligent
यत्नप्रतिपाद्य adj. yatnapratipAdya not easy
यत्नप्रतिपाद्य adj. yatnapratipAdya to explained with difficulty
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