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यौवन n. yauvana adolescence
यौवन n. yauvana youth
यौवनकाल m. yauvanakAla puberty
यौवन n. yauvana number of young people
यौवन n. yauvana time between childhood and maturity
यौवन n. yauvana puberty
यौवन n. yauvana youthfulness
यौवन n. yauvana manhood
यौवनान्त adj. yauvanAnta having youthfulness at the end
यौवनान्त adj. yauvanAnta ending in youth
यौवनवत् adj. yauvanavat possessing youth
यौवनवत् adj. yauvanavat young
यौवनवत् adj. yauvanavat youthful
यौवनश्री f. yauvanazrI beauty of youthfulness
यौवनदशा f. yauvanadazA period of youth
यौवनस्थ adj. yauvanastha marriageable
यौवनस्थ adj. yauvanastha arrived at puberty
यौवनस्थ adj. yauvanastha being in the youth
यौवनदर्प m. yauvanadarpa juvenile pride or indiscretion
यौवनमत्ता f. yauvanamattA intoxicated with youth
यौवनारूढ adj. yauvanArUDha one who has arrived at adolescence or puberty
यौवनसुख n. yauvanasukha joys of youth or of love
यौवनपदवी f. yauvanapadavI path of youth
यौवनप्रान्त m. yauvanaprAnta extreme verge or end of youth
यौवनारम्भ m. yauvanArambha prime of youth
यौवनारम्भ m. yauvanArambha first bloom of youth
यौवनारम्भ m. yauvanArambha juvenility
यौवनावस्था f. yauvanAvasthA puberty
यौवनावस्था f. yauvanAvasthA state of youth
यौवनावस्था f. yauvanAvasthA youthfulness
यौवनकण्टक n. yauvanakaNTaka eruption or pimples on the face
यौवनलक्षण n. yauvanalakSaNa grace
यौवनलक्षण n. yauvanalakSaNa loveliness
यौवनलक्षण n. yauvanalakSaNa sign of youth
यौवनलक्षण n. yauvanalakSaNa female breast
यौवनाभिमुखी adj. yauvanAbhimukhI approaching puberty
यौवनभिन्नशैशव adj. yauvanabhinnazaizava passing from childhood to manhood
यौवनभिन्नशैशव adj. yauvanabhinnazaizava whose childhood is separated off by youth
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