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योगिन् adj. yogin accompanied by
योगिन् adj. yogin possessed of
योगिन् adj. yogin joined or connected with
योगिन् adj. yogin possessed of superhuman powers
योगिन् adj. yogin being in conjunction with
योगिन् adj. yogin relating to
योगिन् m. yogin yogin or contemplative saint
योगिन् m. yogin devotee
योगिन् m. yogin yogi
योगिन् m. yogin orange tree
योगिन् m. yogin alkali
योगिन् m. yogin follower of the yoga system
योगिन् m. yogin ascetic
योगिन् m. yogin magician
योगिन् m. yogin conjurer
योगिन् m. yogin natron
योगिनी f. yoginI woman representing any goddess who is the object of adoration [Buddhism]
योगिनी f. yoginI female demon or any being endowed with magical power
योगिनी f. yoginI female demon
योगिनी f. yoginI particular zakti
योगिनी f. yoginI fairy
योगिनी f. yoginI one who is in union with God
योगिनी f. yoginI witch
योगिनी f. yoginI sorceress
योगिनिद्रा f. yoginidrA wakefulness
योगिनिद्रा f. yoginidrA yogi's sleep
योगिनिद्रा f. yoginidrA light sleep
योगिनीदशा f. yoginIdazA state or condition of a yoginI
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