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योग्य adj. yogya fit
योग्य adj. yogya useful
योग्य adj. yogya just
योग्य adj. yogya proper
योग्य adj. yogya applicable
योग्य adj. yogya suitable
योग्य adj. yogya sufficient
योग्य adj. yogya eligible
योग्यता f. yogyatA capability
योग्यता f. yogyatA eligibility
योग्यता f. yogyatA qualification
योग्यता f. yogyatA ability
सङ्ग्राम-योग्या f. saGgrAma-yogyA battle drill
स्फटन-योग्य adj. sphaTana-yogya crystallizable
स्फटन-योग्यता f. sphaTana-yogyatA crystallizability
योग्यता-प्रमाण-पत्र n. yogyatA-pramANa-patra certificate of fitness
परीक्षा अन्या, योग्यता अन्या! sent. parIkSA anyA, yogyatA anyA! Examination is one thing, ability another.
योग्य adj. yogya fit for yoga
योग्य adj. yogya fit or qualified for
योग्य adj. yogya proper for religious meditation
योग्य adj. yogya able or equal to
योग्य adj. yogya fit for the yoke
योग्य adj. yogya capable of
योग्य adj. yogya belonging to a particular remedy
योग्य adj. yogya perceptible
योग्य adj. yogya serviceable
योग्या f. yogyA contrivance
योग्या f. yogyA preparation
योग्य m. yogya drill
योग्य m. yogya exercise
योग्य m. yogya straps with which horses are attached to the yoke of a carriage
योग्य m. yogya practice
योग्य m. yogya traces
योग्य m. yogya draught animal
योग्य m. yogya bodily exercise
योग्य m. yogya earth
योग्य m. yogya calculator of expedients
योग्य m. yogya gymnastics
योग्य m. yogya constellation puSya
योग्य n. yogya cake
योग्य n. yogya sandal
योग्य n. yogya kind of drug
योग्य n. yogya vehicle or any machine
योग्यता f. yogyatA competence
योग्यता f. yogyatA worthiness
योग्यता f. yogyatA propriety
योग्यता f. yogyatA suitableness
योग्यता f. yogyatA fitness
योग्यारथ m. yogyAratha carriage employed in military exercises
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