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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
योनी f. yonI vagina
योनि m. (f.) yoni descent
योनि m. yoni source
योनि m. yoni origin
योनि m. f. yoni vagina
योनि m. {f.} yoni vulva
योनि m.f. yoni mine
योनि m.f. yoni stable
योनि m.f. yoni fountain
योनि m.f. yoni form of existence or station fixed by birth
योनि m.f. yoni abode
योनि m.f. yoni uterus
योनि m.f. yoni copper
योनि m.f. yoni family
योनि m.f. yoni place of rest
योनि m.f. yoni seed
योनि m.f. yoni home
योनि m.f. yoni female organs of generation
योनि m.f. yoni water
योनि m.f. yoni race
योनि m.f. yoni repository
योनि m.f. yoni grain
योनि m.f. yoni lair
योनि m.f. yoni place of birth
योनि m.f. yoni regent of the nakSatra pUrvaphalgunI
योनि m.f. yoni stock
योनि m.f. yoni receptacle
योनि m.f. yoni particular part of a fire-pit
योनि m.f. yoni nest
योनि m.f. yoni spring
योनि m.f. yoni caste
योनि m.f. yoni seat
योनि m.f. yoni womb
योनिह adj. yoniha injuring the womb
योनिज adj. yonija produced from the womb
योनिज adj. yonija viviparous
योनीय adj. yonIya vaginal
यौनिक m. yaunika moderate wind
योनिमत् adj. yonimat connected with the womb
योनिमत् adj. yonimat sprung from a womb
योनिषद् adj. yoniSad dwelling in the womb
योनितस् ind. yonitas out of a place of rest or stable
योनित्व n. yonitva being an origin or source
योनित्व n. yonitva arising from or being based on
योनिशस् ind. yonizas fundamentally
योनिशस् ind. yonizas thoroughly
योनिशस् ind. yonizas wisely
योनिदेश m. yonideza region of the womb or the generative organs
योनिदोष m. yonidoSa sexual defilement
योनिदोष m. yonidoSa defect of the female organ
योनिगुण m. yoniguNa property of a womb
योनिगुण m. yoniguNa quality of a place of origin
योनिनासा f. yoninAsA upper part of the female organ
योनिरोग m. yoniroga disease of the female organs of generation
योनिदुष्टा f. yoniduSTA sexually defiled
योनिद्वार n. yonidvAra orifice of the womb
योनिलिङ्ग n. yoniliGga clitoris
योनिलिङ्ग n. yoniliGga clit
योनिमुख n. yonimukha orifice of the womb
योनिमुक्त adj. yonimukta released from birth or from being born again
योनिमन्त्र m. yonimantra text
योनिनिरय m. yoniniraya womb compared to a hell
योनिपोषण n. yonipoSaNa growing of seed or grain
योनिभ्रंश m. yonibhraMza prolapsus uteri
योनिभ्रंश m. yonibhraMza fall of the womb
योनिरञ्जन n. yoniraJjana menstrual excretion
योनिसङ्कर m. yonisaGkara confusion of births
योनिसङ्कर m. yonisaGkara misalliance
योनिसङ्कर m. yonisaGkara mixture of caste by unlawful marriage
योनिसङ्कट n. yonisaGkaTa passage through the womb
योनिसङ्कट n. yonisaGkaTa re-birth
योनिसंवृति f. yonisaMvRti contraction of the vagina
योनिसम्बन्ध m. yonisambandha blood-relation
योनिसंवरण n. yonisaMvaraNa contraction of the vagina