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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
अनुजा f. anujA younger sister
कनिष्ठ m. kaniSTha younger brother
अनुज m. anuja younger brother
ओहो, मम अपेक्षया कनिष्ठः वा? sent. oho, mama apekSayA kaniSThaH vA? Younger to me, is it?
देवर m. devara husband's younger brother
भवतः अनुजायाः कति वर्षाणि? sent. bhavataH anujAyAH kati varSANi? How old is your younger sister?
देवरपत्नी f. devarapatnI husband's younger brother's wife
अहो, सः तस्य भार्यायाः परः किम्? sent. aho, saH tasya bhAryAyAH paraH kim? Oh, is he younger than his wife?
कनीयस adj. kanIyasa younger
अवरवयस् adj. avaravayas younger
अनुजात adj. anujAta younger
कन्यस adj. kanyasa younger
अवर adj. avara younger
यवीयस् adj. yavIyas younger
नवतर adj. navatara younger
अवरज adj. avaraja younger
अनुज adj. anuja younger
कनीयस् adj. kanIyas younger
अनुजन्मन् m. anujanman younger
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha younger born
कनिष्ठा f. kaniSThA younger wife
यवीयसी f. yavIyasI younger sister
अवरजा f. avarajA younger sister
बुसा f. busA younger sister
अनुजाता f. anujAtA younger sister
कनिष्ठात्रेय m. kaniSThAtreya younger Atreya
अनुजन्मन् m. anujanman younger brother
अनुभ्रातृ m. anubhrAtR younger brother
सूनु m. sUnu younger brother
जघन्यज m. jaghanyaja younger brother
यविष्ठ m. yaviSTha younger brother
लघुभ्रातृ m. laghubhrAtR younger brother
दहर m. dahara younger brother
अनुजात m. anujAta younger brother
यवीयस् m. yavIyas younger brother
अवरज m. avaraja younger brother
अनानुजा f. anAnujA no younger sister
यन्त्रिणी f. yantriNI wife's younger sister
केलिकुञ्चिका f. kelikuJcikA wife's younger sister
हाली f. hAlI wife's younger sister
सहानुज adj. sahAnuja with a younger brother
कनीयस् adj. kanIyas younger son or daughter
अनुजासुता f. anujAsutA son of a younger sister
हरिहयानुज m. harihayAnuja indra's younger brother
वासवावरज m. vAsavAvaraja indra's younger brother
रामानुज m. rAmAnuja younger brother of rAma
कर्णानुज m. karNAnuja karNa's younger brother
कनीयस् f. kanIyas younger sister of a wife
स्यालिका f. syAlikA younger sister of a wife
उपसुन्द m. upasunda younger brother of sunda
खुल्लतात m. khullatAta father's younger brother
उपेन्द्र m. upendra younger brother of indra
इन्द्रानुज m. indrAnuja younger brother of indra
इन्द्रावरज m. indrAvaraja younger brother of indra
वैश्रवणानुज m. vaizravaNAnuja younger brother of kubera
धनदानुज m. dhanadAnuja younger brother of kubera
कनीयस् adj. kanIyas a younger brother or sister
वधू f. vadhU any younger female relation
कलिकुञ्चिका f. kalikuJcikA younger sister of a husband
सावित्र्यवरजा f. sAvitryavarajA younger daughter of sAvitrI
क्षुल्लतात m. kSullatAta younger brother of a father
युवन् m. yuvan younger descendant of any one
कर्क m. karka younger brother of the father
दुर्योधनावरज m. duryodhanAvaraja younger brother of dhRtarASTra
पूषात्मज m. pUSAtmaja son or younger brother of pUSa
धृत्रानुज m. dhRtrAnuja younger brother of dhRtarASTra
पूषानुज m. pUSAnuja son or younger brother of pUSa
समनुज adj. samanuja together with a younger brother
सुभद्रका f. subhadrakA name of a younger sister of kRSNa
स्वनुजा f. svanujA having a beautiful younger sister
कनिष्ठत्व n. kaniSThatva state of being younger or smaller
फाल्गुनानुज m. phAlgunAnuja younger brother of the month phAlguna
कानिष्ठ्य n. kAniSThya position of the youngest or a younger
बलानुज m. balAnuja younger brother of baladeva i.e. kRSNa
राघवानुज adj. rAghavAnuja referring to the younger brother of rAma
कानिष्ठिनेय m. kAniSThineya son of the youngest or of a younger wife
परिविन्दक m. parivindaka younger brother married before the elder
सानुज adj. sAnuja accompanied by or along with a younger brother
परिवेद्य n. parivedya marrying of a younger brother before the elder
पारिवेत्त्र्य n. pArivettrya marriage of a younger brother before the elder
परिवेदन n. parivedana marrying of a younger brother before the elder
पारिवित्त्य n. pArivittya being unmarried while a younger brother is married
परिवित्ति m. parivitti unmarried elder brother whose younger brother is married
दिधिषु f. didhiSu widow remarried or an elder sister married after the younger
परिविन्न m. parivinna elder brother whom a younger has anticipated in receiving his share
पर्याधातृ m. paryAdhAtR younger brother who has set up the sacred fire previously to the elder
पर्याहित m. paryAhita elder brother previously to whom the younger has set up the sacred fire
एदिधिषुःपति m. edidhiSuHpati husband of a younger sister whose elder sister has not yet been married
परिविविदान m. parivividAna younger brother who marries before an elder, a younger brother who has taken his share before an elder
परिविविदान m. parivividAna younger brother who marries before an elder, a younger brother who has taken his share before an elder
परिकर्तृ m. parikartR priest who performs the marriage ceremony for a younger brother whose elder brother is not yet married