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युति f. yuti conjunction [Astron. as against opposition of stars]
यूथी करोति verb yUthI karoti { yUthIkR } unite in a flock
यूथी करोति verb yUthI karoti { yUthIkR } make or form into a herd
युति f. yuti total number
युति f. yuti being furnished with or obtaining possession of
युति f. yuti union or meeting with
युति f. yuti junction
युति f. yuti uniting
युति f. yuti number to be added
युति f. yuti union
युति f. yuti sum
यूथी f. yUthI kind of jasmine
यूथिका f. yUthikA nemooka plant [Clypea Hernandifolia - Bot.]
यूथिका f. yUthikA needle-flower jasmine [Jasminum auriculatum - Bot.]
यूथिका f. yUthikA globe-amaranth
यूथिका f. yUthikA kind of jasmine
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