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युवक m. yuvaka young man
युवती f. yuvatI young woman
युवती f. yuvatI young lady
युवत्व n. yuvatva puberty
युव - शिशिक्षु m. yuva - zizikSu cadet [young man in training]
युवपिडक मुदगराणु yuvapiDaka mudagarANu Corynebacterium acnes [found in the lesions of acne]
तिस्रः युवतयः नद्यां तरणं कुर्वन्ति sent. tisraH yuvatayaH nadyAM taraNaM kurvanti Three young ladies are swimming in the river.
युव yuva actual base of the 2nd person pronoun in the dual number
युवन् adj. yuvan adult
युवन् adj. yuvan good
युवन् adj. yuvan healthy
युवन् adj. yuvan youthful
युवन् adj. yuvan strong
युवन् adj. yuvan young
युवन् m. yuvan young animal
युवन् m. yuvan youth
युवन् m. yuvan younger descendant of any one
युवन् m. yuvan young man
युवत् adj. yuvat young
युवक m. yuvaka youth
युवाकु adj. yuvAku belonging or devoted to both of you
युवन m. yuvana moon
युवता f. yuvatA youth
युवता f. yuvatA youthfulness
युवति f. yuvati young woman
युवति f. yuvati any young female animal
युवती f. yuvatI zodiacal sign Virgo
युवति f. yuvati girl
युवती f. yuvatI girl
युवती f. yuvatI the zodiacal sign Virgo
युवति f. yuvati turmeric
युवयु adj. yuvayu longing for you both
युवायु adj. yuvAyu longing for you both
युवश adj. yuvaza young
युवश adj. yuvaza youthful
युवश adj. yuvaza juvenile
युवश m. yuvaza youth
युवहन् adj. yuvahan child-murdering
युवहन् adj. yuvahan infanticide
युवकाः m. pl. yuvakAH youngsters
युवन्यु adj. yuvanyu juvenile
युवन्यु adj. yuvanyu youthful
युवत्व n. yuvatva youth
युवत्व n. yuvatva youthfulness
युवावत् adj. yuvAvat belonging to both of you
युवायुज् adj. yuvAyuj yoked or harnessed by both of you
युवद्रिक् ind. yuvadrik directed towards both of you
युवजानि adj. yuvajAni having a young wife
युवानक adj. yuvAnaka young
युवानीत adj. yuvAnIta brought by both of you
युवराज m. yuvarAja young king
युवराज m. yuvarAja heir apparent
युवराज m. yuvarAja crown prince
युवराज m. yuvarAja heir-apparent associated with the reigning sovereign in the government
युवराज m. yuvarAja heir-apparent
युवसुरा f. n. yuvasurA ale
युवतिदा f. yuvatidA bestowing young women
युवादत्त adj. yuvAdatta given to both of you
युवधित adj. yuvadhita placed or arranged by you both
युवगण्ड m. yuvagaNDa eruption on the face of young people
युवगण्ड m. yuvagaNDa common eruption on the face of young people [Acne vulgaris]
युवजरत् adj. yuvajarat appearing old in youth
युवमारिन् adj. yuvamArin dying in youth
युवतयः f. yuvatayaH young ladies
युवतीष्टा f. yuvatISTA yellow jasmine
युवपलित adj. yuvapalita grey-haired in youth
युवतिजन m. yuvatijana young woman
युववलिन adj. yuvavalina having wrinkles in youth
युवखलति adj. yuvakhalati bald in youth
युवखलती f. yuvakhalatI bald in girlhood
युवराजत्व n. yuvarAjatva rank or position of an heir-apparent to a throne
युवद्देवत्य adj. yuvaddevatya having you for a divinity
युवतीसार्थ m. yuvatIsArtha multitude of young women
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