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शार्दूल m. zArdUla any eminent person
शार्दूल m. zArdUla lion
शार्दूल m. zArdUla kind of bird
शार्दूल m. zArdUla Ceylon Leadwort plant [Plumbago zeylanica - Bot.]
शार्दूल m. zArdUla tiger
शार्दूल m. zArdUla fabulous animal zarabha
शार्दूल m. zArdUla pre-eminent
शार्दूल m. zArdUla excellent
शार्दूल m. zArdUla panther
शार्दूल m. zArdUla best
शार्दूल m. zArdUla leopard
शार्दूललोमन् n. zArdUlaloman tiger's hair
शार्दूलचर्मन् n. zArdUlacarman tiger's skin
शार्दूलललित n. zArdUlalalita tiger's sport
शार्दूलवाहन m. zArdUlavAhana riding on a tiger
शार्दूलज्येष्ठ adj. zArdUlajyeSTha having a tiger as superior or chief
शार्दूलविक्रीडित n. zArdUlavikrIDita tiger's play
शार्दूलमृगसेवित adj. zArdUlamRgasevita frequented by tigers and deer
शार्दूलसमविक्रम adj. zArdUlasamavikrama as bold as a tiger
शार्दूलसमविक्रम adj. zArdUlasamavikrama having prowess equal to a tiger
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