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शिला f. zilA stone
शिला f. zilA rock
शील n. zIla character
शील pre/post + zIla in the vein for
सील n. sIla plough
शिला f. zilA tendon
शिला f. zilA lower mill-stone
शिला f. zilA top of the pillar supporting a house
शिला f. zilA lower timber of a door
शिला f. zilA red arsenic
शिला f. zilA camphor
शिला f. zilA vein
शिला f. zilA crag
शील m. zIla conduct
शिल m. zila gathering stalks or ears of corn
शिल m. zila gleaning
शील m. zIla large snake
शील m. n. zIla nature
शील n. zIla virtue
शील n. zIla nature good disposition or character
शील n. zIla practice
शील n. zIla disposition
शील n. zIla piety
शील n. zIla form
शील n. zIla beauty
शील n. zIla moral conduct
शील n. zIla usage
शील n. zIla moral precept
शील n. zIla habit
शील n. zIla shape
शील n. zIla integrity
शील n. zIla natural or acquired way of living or acting
शील n. zIla custom
शील n. zIla tendency
शील n. zIla morality
शील suffix zIla in the habit of
- शील adj. - zIla practising
- शील adj. - zIla habituated
- शील adj. - zIla accustomed
- शील adj. - zIla disposed
- शील adj. - zIla addicted to
सिलाची f. silAcI particular medicinal plant
शिलाद m. zilAda eating ears of corn
शिलाज adj. zilAja produced in a rock or mountain
शिलाज adj. zilAja mineral
शिलजा f. zilajA particular medicinal substance
शिलाज n. zilAja iron
शिलाज n. zilAja storax
शिलाज n. zilAja any fossil production
शिलाज n. zilAja benzoin
शिलज n. zilaja bitumen
शिलाज n. zilAja petroleum
शिलाज n. zilAja bitumen
शीलक n. zIlaka root of the ear
शीलन n. zIlana wearing
शीलन n. zIlana possessing
शीलन n. zIlana putting on
शीलन n. zIlana constant study
शीलन n. zIlana repeated practice
शीलन n. zIlana frequent mentioning
शीलन n. zIlana serving
शीलन n. zIlana honouring
शीलति verb zIlati { zIl } act
शीलति verb zIlati { zIl } meditate
शीलति verb zIlati { zIl } contemplate
शीलति verb zIlati { zIl } practise
शीलति verb zIlati { zIl } worship
शीलति verb zIlati { zIl } do
शीलति verb zIlati { zIl } serve
शिलति verb zilati { zil } glean
शिलति verb zilati { sil } glean
शीलति verb zIlati { zIl } make
शीलाङ्क adj. zIlAGka characterized by virtue
शिलाह्व n. zilAhva bitumen
शिलाह्व n. zilAhva stones-named
शिलाजित् n. zilAjit bitumen
शिलाजित् n. zilAjit rock-overpowering
शीलज्ञ adj. zIlajJa knowing virtue or morality
शिलम्ब m. zilamba sage
शिलम्ब m. zilamba weaver
शिलान्त m. zilAnta yellow Orchid tree [Bauhinia Tomentosa - Bot.]
शीलतस् ind. zIlatas according or in regard to moral character or conduct
शीलत्व n. zIlatva disposition
शीलत्व n. zIlatva inclination
शीलत्व n. zIlatva morality
शिलात्व n. zilAtva state or nature of stone
शीलत्व n. zIlatva customary practice
शीलत्व n. zIlatva virtuousness
शीलवत् adj. zIlavat moral
शीलवत् adj. zIlavat possessed of a good disposition or character
शीलवत् adj. zIlavat dignified [psych.]
शीलवत् adj. zIlavat well-conducted
शीलवत् adj. zIlavat having the custom or practice of
सीलन्ध m. sIlandha kind of fish
शीलभाज् adj. zIlabhAj honourable
शीलभाज् adj. zIlabhAj possessing virtue
शिलाभिद् m. zilAbhid painted nettle [Solenostemon scutellarioides - Bot.]
शिलाचय m. zilAcaya mountain
शिलाचय m. zilAcaya rock-mass
शिलादान n. zilAdAna gift of a stone
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