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शृङ्गार adj. zRGgAra dainty
शृङ्गार adj. zRGgAra handsome
शृङ्गार adj. zRGgAra fine
शृङ्गार adj. zRGgAra pretty
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra elegant dress
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra ornaments on an elephant
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra any mark
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra finery
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra dress suitable for amorous purposes
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra love
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra fine garments
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra sexual passion or desire or enjoyment
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra erotic sentiment
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra fragrant powder for the dress or person
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra undried ginger
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra red-lead
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra cloves
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra gold
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra black aloe-wood
शृङ्गारक adj. zRGgAraka having a horn or crest
शृङ्गारक adj. zRGgAraka horned
शृङ्गारक m. zRGgAraka love
शृङ्गारक n. zRGgAraka red-lead
शृङ्गारण n. zRGgAraNa feigning love
शृङ्गारण n. zRGgAraNa amatory gesture or behaviour
शृङ्गारता f. zRGgAratA state of being ornamental or decorative
शृङ्गारवत् adj. zRGgAravat well dressed or amorous
शृङ्गारवत् adj. zRGgAravat erotic
शृङ्गारवत् adj. zRGgAravat amatory
शृङ्गाराभ्र n. zRGgArAbhra particular mixture
शृङ्गारगीत adj. zRGgAragIta cheerful
शृङ्गाररस m. zRGgArarasa erotic sentiment
शृङ्गारवेष adj. zRGgAraveSa dressed suitably for amorous enterprises
शृङ्गारयोनि m. zRGgArayoni love-source
शृङ्गारशत n. zRGgArazata hundred verses on love
शृङ्गारशूर m. zRGgArazUra hero in love affairs
शृंगारगीत n. zRMgAragIta love song
शृङ्गारचेष्टा f. zRGgAraceSTA any outward action indicating love
शृङ्गारचेष्टा f. zRGgAraceSTA love-gesture
शृङ्गारगर्व m. zRGgAragarva pride of love
शृङ्गारलज्जा f. zRGgAralajjA shame or modesty caused by love
शृङ्गारविधि m. zRGgAravidhi dress suitable for amorous interviews
शृङ्गारधारिन् adj. zRGgAradhArin wearing ornaments
शृङ्गारधारिन् adj. zRGgAradhArin ornamented
शृङ्गारजन्मन् m. zRGgArajanman born from desire
शृङ्गारसहाय m. zRGgArasahAya assistant in affairs of love
शृङ्गारसहाय m. zRGgArasahAya confidant of a dramatic hero
शृङ्गारशतक n. zRGgArazataka hundred verses on love
शृङ्गारभाषित n. zRGgArabhASita amorous talk
शृङ्गारभाषित n. zRGgArabhASita love-story
शृङ्गारभूषण n. zRGgArabhUSaNa red-lead
शृङ्गारचेष्टित n. zRGgAraceSTita love-gesture
शृङ्गारचेष्टित n. zRGgAraceSTita any outward action indicating love
शृङ्गारैकरस adj. zRGgAraikarasa one whose sole feeling is love
शृङ्गारमण्डप n. zRGgAramaNDapa love-temple
शृङ्गाररसाष्टक n. zRGgArarasASTaka eight stanzas attributed to kAlidAsa
शृङ्गारवेषाभरण adj. zRGgAraveSAbharaNa dressed and ornamented suitably for the above purpose
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