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शृङ्ग n. zRGga horn [of an animal]
शृङ्ग n. zRGga horn
शृङ्गाट-चिह्न n. zRGgATa-cihna cross mark
शृङ्ग m. zRGga kind of medicinal or poisonous plant
शृङ्ग n. zRGga extremity
शृङ्ग n. zRGga particular military array in the form of a horn or crescent
शृङ्ग n. zRGga top or summit of a mountain
शृङ्ग n. zRGga crag
शृङ्ग n. zRGga Agarwood [agallochum - Bot.]
शृङ्ग n. zRGga horn as a symbol of self reliance or strength or haughtiness
शृङ्ग n. zRGga rising of desire
शृङ्ग n. zRGga excess of love or passion
शृङ्ग n. zRGga mark
शृङ्ग n. zRGga token
शृङ्ग n. zRGga anything impossible or extra ordinary
शृङ्ग n. zRGga highest point
शृङ्ग n. zRGga point
शृङ्ग n. zRGga water-engine
शृङ्ग n. zRGga end
शृङ्ग n. zRGga lotus
शृङ्ग n. zRGga syringe
शृङ्ग n. zRGga any peak or projection or lofty object
शृङ्ग n. zRGga height or perfection of anything
शृङ्ग n. zRGga pinnacle
शृङ्ग n. zRGga tusk of an elephant
शृङ्ग n. zRGga elevation
श्र्ङ्ग n. zrGga female breast
शृङ्ग n. zRGga summit of a building
शृङ्ग n. zRGga acme
शृङ्ग n. zRGga hare's horn
शृङ्ग n. zRGga peak
शृङ्ग n. zRGga turret
शृङ्ग n. zRGga cusp or horn of the moon
शृङ्ग n. zRGga horn used for various purposes
शृङ्ग n. zRGga sign
शृङ्गज adj. zRGgaja made from horn
शृङ्गज adj. zRGgaja horn-produced
शृङ्गज m. zRGgaja arrow
शृङ्गज m. zRGgaja shaft
शृङ्गज n. zRGgaja aloe wood
शृङ्गक m. zRGgaka kind of plant
शृङ्गक m. zRGgaka aconite [Aconitum - Bot.]
शृङ्गक m. zRGgaka kind of birch tree [Bhojpatra, Betula - Bot.]
शृङ्गक m. zRGgaka kind of gall-nut
शृङ्गक m.n. zRGgaka cusp or horn of the moon
शृङ्गक m.n. zRGgaka horn or anything pointed like a horn
शृङ्गक m.n. zRGgaka syringe
शृङ्गला f. zRGgalA Wodier tree [Lannea coromandelica - Bot.]
शृङ्गार adj. zRGgAra dainty
शृङ्गार adj. zRGgAra handsome
शृङ्गार adj. zRGgAra fine
शृङ्गार adj. zRGgAra pretty
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra elegant dress
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra ornaments on an elephant
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra any mark
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra finery
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra dress suitable for amorous purposes
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra love
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra fine garments
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra sexual passion or desire or enjoyment
शृङ्गार m. zRGgAra erotic sentiment
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra black aloe-wood
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra fragrant powder for the dress or person
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra undried ginger
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra red-lead
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra cloves
शृङ्गार n. zRGgAra gold
शृङ्गाट m. zRGgATa instrument shaped like the thorny fruit of marsh barbel flower [Barleria Longifolia - Bot]
शृङ्गाट m. zRGgATa Asteracantha or marsh barbel flower [Barleria Longifolia - Bot]
शृङ्गाट m. zRGgATa water chesnut plant [ Eleocharis dulcis - Bot. ]
शृङ्गाट m.n. zRGgATa name of particular junctions of veins or blood-vessels
शृङ्गाट m.n. zRGgATa triangle or a triangular place
शृङ्गाट m.n. zRGgATa particular configuration of the planets
शृङ्गाट n. zRGgATa place where three roads meet
शृङ्गाट n. zRGgATa triangular nut of water chesnut plant [ Eleocharis dulcis - Bot. ]
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin enamoured
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin sexy
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin adorned
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin stained with red-lead
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin relating to love
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin erotic
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin beautifully dressed
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin feeling love or amorous passion
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin impassioned
शृङ्गारिन् adj. zRGgArin beautiful
शृङ्गारिन् m. zRGgArin decoration
शृङ्गारिन् m. zRGgArin impassioned lover
शृङ्गारिन् m. zRGgArin betel-nut tree
शृङ्गारिन् m. zRGgArin ruby
शृङ्गारिन् m. zRGgArin elephant
शृङ्गारिन् m. zRGgArin dress
शृङ्गवत् adj. zRGgavat horned
शृङ्गवत् adj. zRGgavat having peaks
शृङ्गवत् adj. zRGgavat peaked
शृङ्गजाह n. zRGgajAha root of a horn
शृङ्गकोश m. zRGgakoza horn as a receptacle
शृङ्गमय adj. zRGgamaya furnished with horns
शृङ्गमूल m. zRGgamUla water chesnut plant [ Eleocharis dulcis - Bot. ]
शृङ्गारक adj. zRGgAraka horned
शृङ्गारक adj. zRGgAraka having a horn or crest
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