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सुसाधु adj. susAdhu accurate [very correct]
सुसंसर्ग m. susaMsarga intimacy
सुसम्बद्ध adj. susambaddha compact
निस्- सुषवण n. nis- suSavaNa dealcoholization
तिमिल सुषव m. timila suSava cetyl alcohol
परिशुद्ध सुषव m. parizuddha suSava absolute alcohol [Chem.]
सुषा adj. suSA easily gaining or procuring
सुषा f. suSA black cumin or fennel
सूषा f. sUSA parturient woman
सूष m. sUSa energy
सूष m. sUSa vigour
सूष m. sUSa strength
शुष adj. zuSa drying up
शूष adj. zUSa resounding
शुष adj. zuSa drying
शूष adj. zUSa hissing
शूष adj. zUSa courageous
शूष adj. zUSa high-spirited
शूष adj. zUSa bold
शूष adj. zUSa loud
शूष adj. zUSa fierce
शूष adj. zUSa shrill
शूष adj. zUSa impetuous
शूष m. zUSa strength
शुष m. zuSa hole in the ground
शूष m. zUSa spirit
शूष m. zUSa power
शूष m. zUSa song of praise or triumph
शूष m. zUSa loud or resounding note
शुष m. zuSa son of a vena and a tIvarI
शूष m. zUSa vital energy
सुषद् adj. suSad addicted to sexual intercourse
सूषस् adj. sUSas one who enjoys a good dawn or happy morning
सुषद adj. suSada easy to sit or dwell in
सुषद adj. suSada easy to be mounted or ridden
सुसह adj. susaha easy to be borne or suffered
सुषह adj. suSaha easily subdued or conquered
सुसह adj. susaha bearing or enduring well
सुसह ind. susaha good company
सुसम adj. susama perfectly level or smooth
सुषम adj. suSama easily intelligible
सुषम adj. suSama very even
सुसम adj. susama better than middling
सुषम adj. suSama splendid
सुसम adj. susama well-proportioned
सुषमा f. suSamA particular plant
सुषमा f. suSamA splendour
सुषमा f. suSamA kind of metre
सुषमा f. suSamA and the fifth in an utsarpiNI
सुषमा f. suSamA second ara or spoke of a time-wheel in an avasarpiNI
सुषमा f. suSamA exquisite beauty
सुषम mfn suSama very beautiful
सुषम n. suSama happy year
सुषण adj. suSaNa easy to be acquired
सूषणा f. sUSaNA genitals or a parturient woman
सुसनि adj. susani very munificent or liberal
सुसार adj. susAra having good essence or sap
सुसार m. susAra competence
सुसार m. susAra red-flowering khadira [Acacia Catechu - Bot.]
सुसार m. susAra black cutch tree [Acacia Catechu - Bot.]
सुसार m. susAra good essence or sap or substance
सूषति verb sUSati { sUS } bring forth
सूषति verb sUSati { sUS } procreate
सुसाय n. susAya good evening
सुशक adj. suzaka easy to or to be
सुशक adj. suzaka easy to be done or practicable
सुशाक m. suzAka good herb
सुशमि ind. suzami diligently
सुशमी ind. suzamI carefully
सुशमि ind. suzami carefully
सुशमी ind. suzamI diligently
सुशर adj. suzara easily broken
शूषति verb zUSati { zUS } bring forth
शूषति verb zUSati { zUS } procreate
सुसाधु adj. susAdhu quite right or correct
सुसङ्ग adj. susaGga very much adhered to or liked
सुषखि adj. suSakhi good friend or having good friends
सुसखि m. susakhi good friend
सुसक्तु m. susaktu excellent groats
सुषामन् adj. suSAman peaceful
सुषामन् n. suSAman beautiful song
सुसामन् n. susAman good negotiation
सुसामन् n. susAman conciliatory words
सुसन्न adj. susanna completely finished or done with
सुसन्न adj. susanna frustrated
सुसन्न adj. susanna foiled
सुसर्व adj. susarva quite complete
सुसस्य adj. susasya well grown with corn
सुषव्य adj. suSavya having a strong left hand
सुशब्द adj. suzabda sounding well
सुशक्त adj. suzakta well able or capable
सुशक्ति f. suzakti easy possibility or feasibility
सुशक्ति f. suzakti easy affair
सुशलिन् adj. suzalin happy
सुशल्य m. suzalya black cutch tree [Acacia Catechu - Bot.]
सुशंस adj. suzaMsa saying or wishing good things
सुशंस adj. suzaMsa blessing
सुशान्त adj. suzAnta thoroughly allayed or extinguished
सुशान्त adj. suzAnta very calm or placid
सुशान्ति f. suzAnti perfect calm or tranquillity
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