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शूलिका f. zUlikA fork
शूलिक adj. zUlika roasted on a spit
शूलिक adj. zUlika having a spear or any sharp instrument
शूलिका f. zUlikA spit for roasting
शूलिक m. zUlika cock
शूलिक m. zUlika kind of factitious salt
शूलिक m. zUlika son of a kSatriya and an unmarried zUdra woman
शूलिक m. zUlika illegitimate son of a Brahman and a zUdra woman
शूलिक m. zUlika hare
शूलिक m. zUlika strict guardian of the treasure and the harem
शूलिक m. zUlika one who impales criminals
शूलिक n. zUlika roast meat
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