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शूलिका f. zUlikA fork
शूलिक adj. zUlika roasted on a spit
शूलिक adj. zUlika having a spear or any sharp instrument
शूलिका f. zUlikA spit for roasting
शूलिक m. zUlika one who impales criminals
शूलिक m. zUlika cock
शूलिक m. zUlika kind of factitious salt
शूलिक m. zUlika son of a kSatriya and an unmarried zUdra woman
शूलिक m. zUlika illegitimate son of a Brahman and a zUdra woman
शूलिक m. zUlika hare
शूलिक m. zUlika strict guardian of the treasure and the harem
शूलिक n. zUlika roast meat
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