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शैशव n. zaizava childhood
शैशव n. zaizava infancy
शैशव adj. zaizava childish
शैशव n. zaizava pupilage
शैशव n. zaizava stupidity
शैशव n. zaizava childishness
शैशव n. zaizava period under age
शेषवत् adj. zeSavat left alive
शेषवत् adj. zeSavat spared
शेषवत् adj. zeSavat characterized by an effect or result
शेषवत् n. zeSavat argument from effect to cause
शेषावस्था f. zeSAvasthA last state or condition of life
शेषावस्था f. zeSAvasthA old age
शेषावचयन n. zeSAvacayana collecting what remains
शेषावचयन n. zeSAvacayana gathering up remnants
शैशवयौवनीय adj. zaizavayauvanIya representing childhood and youth
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