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सकार m. sakAra psi [greek letter]
षकार m. SakAra chi [greek letter]
शकार m. zakAra phi [greek letter]
शाकरसी करोति verb zAkarasI karoti { zAkarasIkR } turn into vegetable juice
सकर adj. sakara liable to pay taxes
साकार adj. sAkAra having a fair form
सकार adj. sakAra active
सकर adj. sakara having rays
सकर adj. sakara full of rays
सकर adj. sakara having hands
सकार adj. sakAra energetic
साकार adj. sAkAra having form
साकार adj. sAkAra beautiful
सकर adj. sakara possessing a trunk
साकार adj. sAkAra having any shape or definite figure
सकर adj. sakara bearing tax
षकार m. SakAra letter or sound Sa
सकार m. sakAra letter or sound sa
सकार m. sakAra sound or letter s
शकार m. zakAra letter or sound za
शकार m. zakAra king's brother-in-law through one of his inferior wives
शकार m. zakAra zaka on
शाकराज् m. zAkarAj lamb's quarters plant [Chenopodium - Bot.]
शाकराज् m. zAkarAj king of vegetable
सकारण adj. sakAraNa provided with a legal instrument
शाकराज m. zAkarAja king of vegetable
शाकराज m. zAkarAja lamb's quarters plant [Chenopodium - Bot.]
शाकरस m. zAkarasa edible vegetable juice
सकरणक adj. sakaraNaka transmitted by means of an organ
सकारणक adj. sakAraNaka originating from a cause on
सकारणक adj. sakAraNaka having a cause
शाकरचित adj. zAkaracita composed of vegetables
शाखारण्ड m. zAkhAraNDa man who is faithless or a traitor to his zAkhA i.e. a Brahman who has deserted his own Vedic school
शाखारथ्या f. zAkhArathyA side-road
शाखारथ्या f. zAkhArathyA branch-road
साकारज्ञानवाद m. sAkArajJAnavAda doctrine that ideas consist of forms or images which exist independently of the external world
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