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शक्ति f. zakti ability
शक्ति f. zakti { zakti } energy [power]
शक्ति m. zakti strength
शक्ति m. zakti power
जल-शक्ति f. jala-zakti water power
शक्ति ददाति verb zakti dadAti { dA } empower
सङ्गामी-शक्ति f. saGgAmI-zakti concurrent powers [U.S. Hist.]
उद्धार-शक्ति m. n. uddhAra-zakti borrowing powers
शक्तिं ददाति verb 3 tr. zaktiM dadAti { dA } qualify
शक्तिं ददाति verb 3 tr. zaktiM dadAti { dA } enable
विपणन-शक्ति f. vipaNana-zakti bargaining power [Econ.]
संवाहन-शक्ति f. saMvAhana-zakti conductance
उद्धारग्राहि-शक्ति m. uddhAragrAhi-zakti borrowing powers
तापीय शक्ति-स्थात्र n. tApIya zakti-sthAtra thermal power station
मम शरीरे शक्तिः नास्ति sent. mama zarIre zaktiH nAsti There is no strength in my body.
सक्ति f. sakti connexion
सक्ति f. sakti entwinement
सक्ति f. sakti addiction
सक्ति f. sakti attachment
सक्ति f. sakti clinging or adhering to
शक्ति f. zakti case-power
शक्ति f. zakti power or force or most effective word of a sacred text or magic formula
शक्ति f. zakti might
शक्ति f. zakti faculty
शक्ति f. zakti energy or active power of a deity personified as his wife and worshipped by the zAkta sect of Hindus under various names
शक्ति f. zakti sword
शक्ति f. zakti idea conveyed by a case
शक्ति f. zakti creative power or imagination
शक्ति f. zakti power or signification of a word
शक्ति f. zakti capacity for
शक्ति f. zakti female organ
शक्ति f. zakti aid
शक्ति f. zakti lance
शक्ति f. zakti dart
शक्ति f. zakti regal power
शक्ति f. zakti effectiveness
शक्ति f. zakti flag-staff
शक्ति f. zakti assistance
शक्ति f. zakti particular configuration of stars and planets
शक्ति f. zakti effectiveness or efficacy
शक्ति f. zakti skill
शक्ति f. zakti efficacy
शक्ति f. zakti gift
शक्ति f. zakti bestowal
शक्ति f. zakti power over
शक्ति f. zakti pike
शक्ति f. zakti capability
शक्ति f. zakti effort
शक्ति f. zakti spear
शक्ति f. zakti help
शक्ति m. zakti miraculous weapon
शक्ति m. zakti missile
सक्थि n. sakthi thigh-bone
सक्थि n. sakthi pole or shafts of a cart
सक्थि n. sakthi thigh
शक्तिन् adj. zaktin furnished with a flag-staff
शक्तिज adj. zaktija born from zakti
शक्तिज m. zaktija son of ziva
शाक्तिक adj. zAktika peculiar to the zAktas
शाक्तीक adj. zAktIka speared
शाक्तीक adj. zAktIka spearing
शाक्तीक adj. zAktIka belonging or relating to a spear
शाक्तीक m. zAktIka spearman
शाक्तिक m. zAktika worshipper of the zakti
शाक्तिक m. zAktika spearman
शाक्तीक m. zAktIka lancer
शक्तिता f. zaktitA capacity
शक्तिता f. zaktitA faculty
शक्तिता f. zaktitA power
सक्तिमत् adj. saktimat attached or devoted to
सक्तिमत् adj. saktimat fond of
शक्तिज्ञ adj. zaktijJa one who knows his powers
शक्तिमत् adj. zaktimat possessed of or united with his sakti or energy
शक्तिमत् adj. zaktimat armed with a spear or lance
शक्तिमत् adj. zaktimat possessing a competence
शक्तिमत् adj. zaktimat mighty
शक्तिमत् adj. zaktimat powerful
शक्तिमत् adj. zaktimat one who has gained a fortune
शक्तिमत् adj. zaktimat possessed of ability
शक्तिमत् adj. zaktimat able to
शक्तितस् ind. zaktitas in consequence or by reason of power or strength
शक्तितस् ind. zaktitas to the best of one's ability
शक्तितस् ind. zaktitas according to power
शक्तीवत् adj. zaktIvat powerful or helpful
शक्तिभृत् adj. zaktibhRt spearman
शक्तिभृत् adj. zaktibhRt bearing power
शक्तिभृत् adj. zaktibhRt powerful
शक्तिभृत् adj. zaktibhRt spear-holder
शक्तिधृक् adj. zaktidhRk bearing a spear
शक्तिगण m. zaktigaNa company or assemblage of zaktis
शक्तिहर adj. zaktihara depriving of strength
शक्तिहीन adj. zaktihIna powerless impotent
शक्तिकर adj. zaktikara producing strength
शक्तिमय adj. zaktimaya consisting of or produced from a zakti
शक्तिपाणि m. zaktipANi spear-handed
शक्तिपात m. zaktipAta prostration of strength
शक्तिपात m. zaktipAta descent of power from above for emancipation [Tantra]
शक्तिपूजा f. zaktipUjA zakti-worship
शक्तिष्ठ adj. zaktiSTha mighty
शक्तिष्ठ adj. zaktiSTha potent
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