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शातग्नि n. zAtagni artillery
शतघ्नी f. zataghnI cannon
शतघ्नी f. zataghnI gun
शतघ्नी f. zataghnI Indian Stinging Nettle [Tragia Involacrata Lin - Bot.]
शतघ्नी f. zataghnI deadly disease of the throat
शतघ्नी f. zataghnI female scorpion
शतघ्नी f. zataghnI particular deadly weapon
शतघ्नी f. zataghnI Indian beech tree [Pongamia Glabra - Bot.]
शतघ्निन् adj. zataghnin having the weapon zataghnI
शताग्निष्टोम adj. zatAgniSToma connected with a hundred hymns to fire god
शतघ्नीपाशशक्तिमत् adj. zataghnIpAzazaktimat having a zataghnI and a noose and a spear
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