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शेष adj. zeSa remaining
शेष n. zeSa surplus
शेष n. zeSa balance
शेष n. zeSa waste
शेष n. zeSa leftover
शेष n. zeSa residue
सैष prep. saiSa given [in view of]
शैशव n. zaizava childhood
शैशव n. zaizava infancy
शेषभाग m. zeSabhAga remaining part
शेषं करोति verb 8 zeSaM karoti { kR } allow to escape
संवरण शेष m. saMvaraNa zeSa closing balance
मम शेषम् अस्ति sent. mama zeSam asti My leftover is there.
असमायोजित शेष m. asamAyojita zeSa unadjusted balance
शेषा f. zeSA remains of flowers or other offerings made to an idol and afterwards distributed amongst the worshippers and attendants
शेष m. zeSa name of one of the mythical elephants that support the earth
शेष m. zeSa survivor
शेष m. zeSa kind of metre
शेष m.,n. zeSa thousand headed serpent sometimes represented as forming the couch and canopy of Vishnu whilst sleeping during the intervals of creation
शेष m.n. zeSa keepsake
शेष m.n. zeSa remaining out of or from
शेष m.n. zeSa destruction
शेष m.n. zeSa that which is saved or spared or allowed to escape
शेष m.n. zeSa last
शेष m.n. zeSa accident
शेष m.n. zeSa result
शेष m.n. zeSa end
शेष m.n. zeSa that which remains or is left
शेष m.n. zeSa last-mentioned
शेष m.n. zeSa appendix
शेष m.n. zeSa secondary matter
शेष m.n. zeSa finish
शेष m.n. zeSa token of remembrance
शेष m.n. zeSa leavings
शेष m.n. zeSa conclusion
शेष m.n. zeSa supplement
शेष m.n. zeSa issue
शेष m.n. zeSa left from
शेष m.n. zeSa death
शेष m.n. zeSa that which has to be supplied
शेष n. zeSa add effect
शेष n. m. zeSa rest
शेष n. m. zeSa remainder
सैस adj. saisa made of lead
सैस adj. saisa leaden
शैष m. zaiSa cool season
शेषस् n. zeSas offspring
शेषाहि m. zeSAhi serpent zeSa
शेषक m. zeSaka serpent zeSa
शेषण n. zeSaNa particular term
शेषति verb zeSati { ziS } hurt
शेषति verb zeSati injure
शेषति verb zeSati kill
शैशव adj. zaizava childish
शैशव n. zaizava stupidity
शैशव n. zaizava pupilage
शैशव n. zaizava period under age
शैशव n. zaizava childishness
शेषान्न n. zeSAnna leavings of a meal
शेषतस् ind. zeSatas else
शेषतस् ind. zeSatas otherwise
शेषत्व n. zeSatva secondariness
शेषत्व n. zeSatva residue
शेषत्व n. zeSatva all that is left
शेषत्व n. zeSatva state of being a remainder
शेषवत् adj. zeSavat spared
शेषवत् adj. zeSavat left alive
शेषवत् adj. zeSavat characterized by an effect or result
शेषवत् n. zeSavat argument from effect to cause
सेषयीति verb Intens. seSayIti { si } cast
सेषयीति verb Intens. seSayIti { si } hurl
शैशव्य n. zaizavya infancy
शैशव्य n. zaizavya childhood
शेषभुज् adj. zeSabhuj one who eats leavings
शेषदेव m. zeSadeva serpent zeSa as a god
शेषजाति f. zeSajAti assimilation of residue
शेषजाति f. zeSajAti reduction of fractions of residues or successive fractional remainders
शेषकाल m. zeSakAla time of end or death
शेषनाग m. zeSanAga serpent zeSa
शेषपति m. zeSapati superintendent
शेषपति m. zeSapati manager
शेषयते verb caus. zeSayate { ziS } cause or allow to remain
शेषयते verb caus. zeSayate { ziS } leave
शेषयते verb caus. zeSayate { ziS } spare
शेषयति verb caus. zeSayati { ziS } leave
शेषयति verb caus. zeSayati { ziS } spare
शेषयति verb caus. zeSayati { ziS } cause or allow to remain
शेषभाग m. zeSabhAga rest or remaining part
शेषभाव m. zeSabhAva being a remainder
शेषभूत adj. zeSabhUta remaining
शेषभूत adj. zeSabhUta being secondary or accidental
शेषभूत adj. zeSabhUta being left
शेषभूत adj. zeSabhUta being a garland of flowers
शेषक्रिया f. zeSakriyA remainder of a ceremony
शेषरात्रि f. zeSarAtri last watch of the night
शेषरूपिन् adj. zeSarUpin appearing to be secondary
शेषशेषिन् zeSazeSin secondary and primary matter
शेषकरण n. zeSakaraNa doing what remains to be done
शेषकरण n. zeSakaraNa leaving a remnant of
शेषकारित adj. zeSakArita unfinished
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