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शेखर m. zekhara highest part
शेखर m. zekhara chaplet or wreath of flowers worn on the top of the head
शेखर m. zekhara particular dhruva or introductory verse of a song
शेखर m. zekhara chief or head or best or most beautiful of
शेखर m. zekhara peak
शेखर m. zekhara summit
शेखर m. zekhara crest
शेखर m. zekhara diadem
शेखर m. zekhara top or crown of the head
शेखर m. zekhara crown
शेखर n. zekhara root of drumstick tree [Moringa oleifera - Bot.]
शेखर n. zekhara cloves
शेखरायते verb zekharAyate { zekharAya } become a chaplet or diadem
शेखरयति verb zekharayati { zekharaya } make into a chaplet or diadem
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