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शिशुमार m. zizumAra porpoise
शिशुमार m. zizumAra dolphin
शिशुमार m. zizumAra collection of stars supposed to resemble a dolphin
शिशुमार m. zizumAra child-killer
शिशुमार m. zizumAra alligator
शिशुमार m. zizumAra Gangetic porpoise or dolphin
शिशुमार m. zizumAra Gangetic dolphin [Delphinus Gangeticus - Zoo.]
शिशुमारर्षि m. zizumArarSi RSi having the form of a dolphin
शिशुमाराकृति adj. zizumArAkRti dolphin-shaped
शिशुमारवसा f. zizumAravasA marrow or fat of the Gangetic dolphin [Delphinus Gangeticus - Zoo.]
शिशुमारमुखी f. zizumAramukhI dolphin-faced
शिशुमारशिरस् n. zizumAraziras part of the heavens having stars of that shape
शिशुमारशिरस् n. zizumAraziras north-east point
शिशुमारशिरस् n. zizumAraziras dolphin's head
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