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श्राद्धकर्मन् n. zrAddhakarman zrAddha rite
विष्णुधर्म m. viSNudharma kind of zrAddha
काम्यश्राद्ध n. kAmyazrAddha kind of zrAddha
शुद्धिश्राद्ध n. zuddhizrAddha kind of zrAddha
औपचायिक n. aupacAyika kind of zrAddha
फल्गुश्राद्ध n. phalguzrAddha kind of zrAddha
श्राद्धत्व n. zrAddhatva being a zrAddha
श्राद्धदिन n. zrAddhadina day of a zrAddha
दैवश्राद्ध n. daivazrAddha particular zrAddha
दैविक n. daivika particular zrAddha
एकादशविष्णुगणश्राद्ध n. ekAdazaviSNugaNazrAddha particular zrAddha
कर्माङ्ग n. karmAGga particular zrAddha
श्राद्धिन् adj. zrAddhin performing zrAddhas
श्राद्धिन् adj. zrAddhin partaking of a zrAddha
श्राद्धशिष्ट n. zrAddhaziSTa remainder of a zrAddha
यथाश्रद्धम् ind. yathAzraddham according to the zrAddha
गोष्ठीश्राद्ध n. goSThIzrAddha kind of zrAddha ceremony
पाथेयश्राद्ध n. pAtheyazrAddha kind of meal at a zrAddha
नित्यश्राद्ध n. nityazrAddha daily or constant zrAddha
श्राद्धिक n. zrAddhika present given at a zrAddha
श्राद्धभोजन n. zrAddhabhojana participation in a zrAddha
श्राद्धकाल m. zrAddhakAla time for offering a zrAddha
आमश्राद्ध n. AmazrAddha particular zrAddha offering
मघात्रयोदशीश्राद्ध n. maghAtrayodazIzrAddha zrAddha ceremony on that day
दर्शश्राद्ध n. darzazrAddha zrAddha performed on new moon
रुचित n. rucita exclamation used at a zraddha
श्राद्ध adj. zrAddha relating to a zrAddha ceremony
श्राद्ध n. zrAddha gifts or offerings at a zrAddha
श्राद्धमित्र adj. zrAddhamitra making friends through a zrAddha
श्राद्धाह्निक adj. zrAddhAhnika one who daily performs a zrAddha
पिण्डक m.n. piNDaka ball of rice offered at zrAddhas
श्राद्धभुज् adj. zrAddhabhuj eating food prepared at a zrAddha
प्रेतपात्र n. pretapAtra vessel used at a zrAddha ceremony
सपिण्डयति verb sapiNDayati { sapiNDaya } perform the zrAddha with sapiNDas
श्राद्धीय adj. zrAddhIya relating or belonging to a zrAddha
पिण्डोद्धरण n. piNDoddharaNa participating in zrAddha offerings
पितृपात्र n. pitRpAtra cup or vessel used at zrAddha rites
पिण्डन n. piNDana forming balls of rice for a zrAddha
श्राद्धदेव m. zrAddhadeva any god presiding over zrAddha rites
नवश्राद्ध n. navazrAddha first series of zrAddhas collectively
श्राद्धदेवता f. zrAddhadevatA any deity presiding over zrAddha rites
आमश्राद्ध n. AmazrAddha zrAddha at which raw food is presented
श्राद्धोपयोगिन् adj. zrAddhopayogin serviceable or appropriate for a zrAddha
अष्टकाश्राद्ध n. aSTakAzrAddha zrAddha performed at the aSTakA festival
स्वधानिनयन n. svadhAninayana performance of a zrAddha rite with svadhA
कुतपसप्तक n. kutapasaptaka zrAddha in which seven constituents occur
प्रेतपिण्डभुज् adj. pretapiNDabhuj one who partakes of the piNDa at a zrAddha
अन्वाहार्य n. anvAhArya monthly zrAddha held on the day of new moon
अन्वाहार्यक n. anvAhAryaka monthly zrAddha held on the day of new moon
श्राद्धसूतकभोजन n. zrAddhasUtakabhojana participation in a zrAddha or a natal feast
सद्यःश्राद्धिन् adj. sadyaHzrAddhin one who has recently taken part in a zrAddha
नान्दीमुखी f. nAndImukhI female ancestor sharing in the nAndI zrAddha
अतिवास m. ativAsa fast on the day before performing the zrAddha
षोडशदान n. SoDazadAna aggregate of 16 kinds of gifts given at a zrAddha
यात्राश्राद्ध n. yAtrAzrAddha zrAddha performed before setting out on a journey
श्राद्धसूतक adj. zrAddhasUtaka relating or belonging to a zrAddha or a natal feast
पैतृक n. paitRka sacred rite or zrAddha in honour of deceased ancestors
श्राद्धाभिमर्शन n. zrAddhAbhimarzana touching in the way prescribed at the zrAddha ceremony
सनातन m. sanAtana one who must always be fed whenever he attends zrAddhas
यजुःश्राद्ध n. yajuHzrAddha zrAddha performed by a Brahman versed in the yajur-veda
अन्वष्टक्य n. anvaSTakya zrAddha or funeral ceremony performed on the anvaSTakAs
नान्दीमुख m. nAndImukha class of deceased ancestors to whom a particular zrAddha
वृद्धिश्राद्ध n. vRddhizrAddha zrAddha or offering to progenitors on any prosperous occasion
मासिश्राद्ध n. mAsizrAddha zrAddha or oblation to deceased ancestors performed every month
श्राद्धिक adj. zrAddhika relating to a zrAddha or ceremony in honour of deceased ancestors
सौमनस्य n. saumanasya offering of flowers placed in the hands of the priest at a zrAddha
आसपिण्डक्रियाकर्म ind. AsapiNDakriyAkarma till the zrAddha or funeral ceremony of which the sapiNDas partake
मासिक n. mAsika particular zrAddha or oblation to deceased ancestors performed every new moon
अश्राद्धभोजिन् adj. azrAddhabhojin one who has taken a vow not to eat during the performance of the zrAddha ceremonies
पिण्डान्वाहार्यक n. piNDAnvAhAryaka particular zrAddha ceremony in which meat is eaten after offering the balls of rice
पिण्डान्वाहार्य n. piNDAnvAhArya particular zrAddha ceremony in which meat is eaten after offering the balls of rice
पञ्चपात्र n. paJcapAtra 5 cups or vessels collectively or a zrAddha in which offerings are made in 5 vessels
महाब्राह्मण m. mahAbrAhmaNa priest who officiates at a zrAddha or solemn ceremony in honour of deceased ancestors
सपिण्ड m. sapiNDa kinsman connected by the offering of the piNDa to certain deceased ancestors at the zrAddha
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