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श्रमण adj. zramaNa base
श्रमण adj. zramaNa bad
श्रमण adj. zramaNa making effort or exertion
श्रमण adj. zramaNa following a toilsome or menial business
श्रमण adj. zramaNa making effort
श्रमण adj. zramaNa vile
श्रमण adj. zramaNa labouring
श्रमण adj. zramaNa naked
श्रमण adj. zramaNa toiling
श्रमणा f. zramaNA female mendicant
श्रमणा f. zramaNA handsome woman
श्रमण m. zramaNa one who performs acts of mortification or austerity
श्रमण m. zramaNa Buddhist monk
श्रमण m. zramaNa religious mendicant
श्रमण m. zramaNa female mendicant or nun
श्रमण m. zramaNa ascetic
श्रमण m. zramaNa mAMsI
श्रमण m. zramaNa Buddhist monk or mendicant
श्रमण m. zramaNa monk
श्रमण m. zramaNa devotee
श्रमण m. zramaNa mendicant
श्रमण m. zramaNa hard-working woman
श्रमण n. zramaNa exertion
श्रमण n. zramaNa labour
श्रमण n. zramaNa toil
श्रमणक m. zramaNaka Buddhist or Jain ascetic
श्रामणक n. zrAmaNaka name of a particular contrivance for kindling fire
श्रमणाचार्य m. zramaNAcArya Buddhist or Jain teacher
श्रमणशाक्यपुत्रीय m. zramaNazAkyaputrIya disciple of buddha
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