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श्रुतिमनोहर adj. zrutimanohara charming to the ear
सृति f. sRti producing
सृति f. sRti road
सृति f. sRti transmigration
सृति f. sRti aiming at
सृति f. sRti wandering
सृति f. sRti path
स्रुति f. sruti path
स्रुति f. sruti course
स्रुति f. sruti road
स्रुति f. sruti outflow
स्रुति f. sruti fall of
स्रुति f. sruti stream
स्रुति f. sruti efflux [st. flowing out like a stream]
स्रुति f. sruti flow or effusion of
स्रुति f. sruti line drawn round the vedi
श्रुति f. zruti constellation
श्रुति f. zruti title
श्रुति f. zruti report
श्रुति f. zruti learning
श्रुति f. zruti scholarship
श्रुति f. zruti organ or power of hearing
श्रुति f. zruti course
श्रुति f. zruti veda
श्रुति f. zruti rumour
श्रुति f. zruti listening
श्रुति f. zruti sound
श्रुति f. zruti particular division of the octave
श्रुति f. zruti diagonal of a tetragon or hypothenuse of a triangle
श्रुति f. zruti word
श्रुति f. zruti sacred knowledge orally transmitted by the Brahmans from generation to generation
श्रुति f. zruti name
श्रुति f. zruti that which has been heard or communicated from the beginning
श्रुति f. zruti path
श्रुति f. zruti hearsay
श्रुति f. zruti ear
श्रुति f. zruti saw
श्रुति f. zruti news
श्रुति f. zruti aggregate of sounds
श्रुति f. zruti that which is heard or perceived with the ear
श्रुति f. zruti quarter tone or interval
श्रुति f. zruti intelligence
श्रुति f. zruti hearing
श्रुति f. zruti saying
श्रुति f. zruti noise
श्रुतिन् adj. zrutin having or following the Vedas
श्रुतिन् adj. zrutin obeying
श्रुतिन् adj. zrutin observing
श्रुतिन् adj. zrutin one who has heard
श्रुतिमत् adj. zrutimat possessed of knowledge
श्रुतिमत् adj. zrutimat supported by a Vedic text
श्रुतिमत् adj. zrutimat having ears
श्रुतिमत् adj. zrutimat having the veda as source or authority
श्रुतिमत् adj. zrutimat learned
श्रुतितस् ind. zrutitas according to sacred or revealed knowledge
श्रुतितस् ind. zrutitas in respect of or according to sacred precept
श्रुतिकट m. zrutikaTa penance
श्रुतिकट m. zrutikaTa snake
श्रुतिकट m. zrutikaTa expiation
श्रुतिकटु adj. zrutikaTu harsh to the ear
श्रुतिकटु adj. zrutikaTu unmelodious
श्रुतिकटु m. zrutikaTu cacophony
श्रुतिकटु m. zrutikaTu harsh or unmelodious sound
श्रुतिमय adj. zrutimaya based on or conformable to sacred tradition or the veda
श्रुतिमूल n. zrutimUla root of the ear
श्रुतिमूल n. zrutimUla text of the Vedas
श्रुतिशील adj. zrutizIla able to distinguish the difference of the tones of a lute
श्रुतिधर m. zrutidhara holding or observing the Vedas
श्रुतिहारिन् adj. zrutihArin captivating the ear
श्रुतिमहत् adj. zrutimahat mighty in sacred knowledge
श्रुतिमृग्य adj. zrutimRgya to be sought by hearing or by the veda
श्रुतिमुख adj. zrutimukha having the veda or sacred tradition for a month
श्रुतिपथ m. zrutipatha tradition
श्रुतिपथ m. zrutipatha auditory passage
श्रुतिपथ m. zrutipatha hearing
श्रुतिपथ m. zrutipatha range of hearing
श्रुतिस्मृति f. zrutismRti veda and human tradition or law
श्रुतिसुख adj. zrutisukha pleasant to the ear
श्रुतिवेध m. zrutivedha piercing or boring of the ear
श्रुतिशिरस् n. zrutiziras leading text of the veda
श्रुतिचोदन n. zruticodana sacred precept or injunction
श्रुतिचोदन n. zruticodana Vedic precept
श्रुतिदूषक adj. zrutidUSaka offending the ear
श्रुतिगोचर adj. zrutigocara permitted to be heard by
श्रुतिगोचर adj. zrutigocara perceptible by the ear
श्रुतिजीविका f. zrutijIvikA law-book or code of laws
श्रुतिमूलक adj. zrutimUlaka founded on or springing from the veda
श्रुतिसागर m. zrutisAgara ocean of sacred knowledge
श्रुतिस्फोटा f. zrutisphoTA cat's whister's plant [Gynandropsis Pentaphylla - Bot.]
श्रुतिवचन n. zrutivacana Vedic precept
श्रुतिविषय adj. zrutiviSaya conversant with sacred knowledge
श्रुतिविषय adj. zrutiviSaya familiar with the veda
श्रुतिविषय m. zrutiviSaya subject-matter or doctrine of the veda
श्रुतिविषय m. zrutiviSaya any sacred matter or ordinance
श्रुतिविषय m. zrutiviSaya object of hearing
श्रुतिविवर n. zrutivivara auditory passage
श्रुतिद्वैध n. zrutidvaidha disagreement or contradiction of any two passages in the Vedas or of two Vedas
श्रुतिकथित adj. zrutikathita mentioned or taught or prescribed in the veda
श्रुतिमण्डल n. zrutimaNDala outer ear
श्रुतिमण्डल n. zrutimaNDala whole circle of the quarter-tones
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