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शुभ्र adj. zubhra white
शुभ्र adj. zubhra bright
शुभ्र adj. zubhra spotless
शुभ्र adj. zubhra clear
शुभ्र adj. zubhra splendid
शुभ्र adj. zubhra radiant
शुभ्र adj. zubhra bright-coloured
शुभ्र adj. zubhra beautiful
शुभ्र adj. zubhra shining
शुभ्रा f. zubhrA bamboo-manna
शुभ्रा f. zubhrA crystal
शुभ्रा f. zubhrA alum
शुभ्र m. zubhra sandal
शुभ्र m. zubhra heaven
शुभ्र n. zubhra root of vetiver grass [Andropogon Muricatum - Bot.]
शुभ्र n. zubhra green vitriol
शुभ्र n. zubhra talc
शुभ्र n. zubhra rock or fossil salt
शुभ्र n. zubhra silver
सुभ्राज् m. subhrAj shining brightly
सुभ्राज m. subhrAja shining brightly
सुभ्रातृ m. subhrAtR good brother
शुभ्रालु m. zubhrAlu particular bulbous plant
सुब्रह्मन् adj. subrahman attended with good prayers or having a good brahman
सुब्रह्मन् m. subrahman good Brahman
शुभ्रदत् adj. zubhradat having white teeth
शुभ्रांशु m. zubhrAMzu camphor
शुभ्रांशु m. zubhrAMzu splendid beam of light
शुभ्रत्व n. zubhratva whiteness
शुभ्रावत् adj. zubhrAvat splendid
शुभ्रावत् adj. zubhrAvat beautiful
सुब्राह्मण m. subrAhmaNa good Brahman
शुभ्रयाम adj. zubhrayAma having a radiant chariot
सुब्रह्मण्य adj. subrahmaNya very kind or dear to Brahmans
सुब्रह्मण्या f. subrahmaNyA particular recitation of certain mantras by the udgAtR priests
सुब्रह्मण्य n. subrahmaNya also see subrAhmaNa
सुब्रह्मण्य n. subrahmaNya particular recitation
शुभ्रभानु m. zubhrabhAnu white-rayed
शुभ्रभानु m. zubhrabhAnu moon
शुभ्रखादि adj. zubhrakhAdi wearing glittering bracelets or rings
शुभ्रयावन् adj. zubhrayAvan going in a radiant chariot
सुब्रह्मणीय adj. subrahmaNIya relating to the subrahmaNya
शुभ्रशस्तम adj. zubhrazastama highly celebrated for shining i.e. shining very much
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