This is a fine book for students of Spoken Sanskrit. The author, Dr. Laxmichand Deveriya, says in his forweord:

"It was during my studies for Master's in Linguistics that I was exposed to concepts like 'Language-Planning' and 'Psycholinguistics'. What made me 'tick' was the linguistic wonder of Hebrew which had no native speakers till the formation of Israel after World War II but was elevated as a medium of instruction for higher education. Equally flabbergasting was the case of Finnish(which had native speakers but no script), that too was elevated to the stataus of medium of instruction for higher education. These two instances inspired me a great deal to undertake similar innovations for Sanskrit which has both the Devnagri Script as well as a good number of speakers.

The text contains a large number of sentences used in in routine Sanskrit conversation. Since modern concept like civil administration, journalism, judiciary, international-relations etc. were not in vogue when Sanskrit was an official language of administration in the olden days, the book has taken unprecedented initiative to bridge the linguistic gap between the past and the present.